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By Manilal

The cookies, which are called “rolls” and usually come with a filling of date spread, are one of our favorite Israeli classics. Are you afraid of choking on cookies like old Tapasvi Auntie? Not with us, guys. We have collected for you the tastiest, crunchiest, most special and funniest rolls for Purim. Is parcel delivery too much for you? Make a Roll!

Date Cookies (Photo: Benny also eats this one, Mako) for a good one

picture: my son is also for good, eats mako

Fur Date Cookies

Some people call these cookies hard work, which is unfair to all that traditional hard work invested in them, with the tinkering and all the fuss, but at the result level, we swear these are no less successful cookies. . Fur is just a bonus.

Recipe: Date Cookies

Crispy dough cookies rolled with chocolate and coconut (Photo: Keren Agam, Mako Food)

Crispy Dough Cookies Rolled with Chocolate and Coconut , Photo: Karen Agam, Mako Food

Crispy Dough Cookies Rolled with Chocolate and Coconut

Rolled cookies and not as rolled? Would you believe such a thing?? So yes, Karen Agam makes Karen Agam and opens our minds to another way of making rolled cookies, and she changes the filling too: not dates, but chocolate and coconut. We already have a jar full of them on the counter, now we just have to muster up the strength to pass it on to someone else.

>> RECIPE: Crispy Dough Cookies Rolled with Chocolate and Coconut

Championship Rolled Cookies (Photo: Hila Karib, Bisim - Food Blog)

Championship Rolled Cookies , Photo: Hila Karib, Bisim – Food Blog

Championship Rolled Cookies

A recipe from our very favorite blog Bisim, which has not been active in recent years, but the excellent recipes that have appeared on it over time continue with us with great pleasure. Do you remember the shakam dough, which our mothers used to make (cream, flour, margarine)? So here it is Hagak dough (butter, white cheese, flour), and there are also two types of fillings to choose from.

Recipe: Championship Rolled Cookies

Rolled dates and tahini (Photo: Inbal Lavi, Mako Food)

Rolled Dates and Tahini , Photo: Inbal Lavi, Mako Eats

Rolled Dates and Tahini

Inbal Lavi’s dough in this recipe is already difficult to summarize, as it has relatively many ingredients and is rich and rich accordingly (cornflour, for example. Have you ever thought about adding cornflour to your roll dough? Try it!). Add to that the simple touch of grating the stuffing – and you have a serious upgrade to the cookies everyone makes. The tastier yours turns out to be, remember what we said.

Recipe: Rolled Dates and Tahini

Chocolate rosalak made from crisp dough with powdered sugar (Photo: Nofer Tajur, Food Tov, Mako)

Chocolate Rosalach from Crunchy Dough , Photo: Nofer Tzur, Food Tov, Mako

Chocolate Rosalach from Crunchy Dough

Another lake horn: a type of ruslach this time, but the crunchy kind that doesn’t involve yeast in the process. The cookies that are made in the evening are not known till morning.

Recipe: Chocolate Rasalach from Crispy Dough

Rolled with dried fruits (Photo: Philip Matrai, My Cookie Box, Moden Publishing)

From “My Cookie Box” by Benny Saida , Photo: Philip Matrai, My Cookie Box, Moden Publishing

dried fruit wrap

A recipe from our favorite Beni Saida, with an elaborate filling that also includes coconut, sesame seeds and lots of delicious finely chopped nuts. One of a kind cookies, guaranteed.

Recipe: Rolled with Dry Fruits

This is our recipe for manna ears

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Happy Purim!

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