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As The Bag of Chips reports, a nutritionist advises against eating Costco’s rotisserie chicken, and her reasoning isn’t going to persuade everyone.

In a video posted on TikTok, Courtney Swann, a master’s degree holder in nutrition, analyzed the ingredients of the famous Costco Roast Chicken and according to her should be kept as far as possible.

“There’s sodium triphosphate, which is a preservative. There’s rice starch. Plus, there’s sugar,” she chimed in.

the one who hosts the podcast realfoodology Point out that the ingredients in this product vary between the United States and Canada. In fact, Americans are entitled to carrageenan, an ingredient that “causes digestive disorders,” she says.

Photo Credit: Tiktok Video Screenshot
Photo Credit: Tiktok Video Screenshot

To make matters worse, she says consumers are exposed to phthalates because the cooking of chicken, which is in plastic containers, continues after it’s dropped on Costco shelves.

According to the Montreal Heart Institute, “exposure to high molecular weight phthalates such as DEHP has been associated with increased cardiovascular mortality.”

Not everyone likes Courtney Swan’s arguments. Indeed, many Internet users expressed their dissatisfaction in the comments and assured that the video of this nutritionist would not make them change their habits.

One user wrote, “You will not persuade anyone not to buy this chicken.”

Photo Credit: Tiktok Screenshot

“Leave Costco alone,” said one user.

Photo Credit: Tiktok Screenshot

Another user commented, “Why don’t you check the ingredients of your hair dye.”

Photo Credit: Tiktok Screenshot

“$8.49?? I take two,” said one user.

Photo Credit: Tiktok Screenshot

So, will you keep buying Costco’s rotisserie chicken?

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