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“Toxic Male Fantasy”: Reviews wrap up The Weeknd’s series

After being screened at the Cannes Film Festival, the singer’s new series, “Idol,” garnered rave reviews, condemning the crude sex scenes and calling it “a pile of terrible clichés.” This follows an investigation that claimed the production of the HBO series was characterized by a toxic work environment, budget problems, and last-minute script rewrites.

The series “Idol” starring The Weeknd and Lily-Rose, daughter of iconic Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, continues to stir after allegations of a toxic atmosphere on the set were made. Now, critics from various media reports that the series mainly contained sexual and graphic scenes that were difficult to watch.

“The screenplay was written with the aim of misleading the audience and making them think they are getting a glimpse of Hollywood, but it amounts to a pile of awful clichés. There is no need for humiliation and pain to get the message across,” The critics said. “Instead of gently presenting the misogynistic and violent nature of the Hollywood industry, the series primarily becomes a figurehead for a toxic male fantasy,” it was said.

As mentioned, the criticisms came after an investigation was published which revealed that, similar to Levinson’s “Euphoria” series, which also co-wrote De Weekend’s series with him, the production was fueled by a toxic work environment, was characterized by budget problems and rewrites of the script until the very end. minutes. “I will never work for him again.” “I don’t think I’ll watch the series ‘Euphoria’ anymore after working for Levinson, and I know how he treats his team,” said an executive in the production. disclosed.

Idol was co-written by Levinson and The Weeknd, and follows a modern cult leader (played by The Weeknd in his first acting role), a pop film starring Lily-Rose Depp (Johnny Depp’s daughter, too). Begins a complicated relationship with Starr. her first television debut in the show).

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