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By Manilal

A distinguished and unique director with his work and ideas, he was able to discuss an important idea that was not highlighted enough in Egyptian drama in an enjoyable and interesting way with his latest play, which is ” Al-Madah” series. three parts. missing in many works, and because the success of a dramatic work is limited by a number of factors, especially the presentation of more than one part because of the demands of the audience

So 3 parts were presented, and it is likely that the 4th will be presented, as each of them saw a terrific evolution from the one before it, and all credit goes to the dazzling and hardworking director. ,Ahmed Sameer Farag »

Who led the cast of the Al-Madah series, Legend of Love this year, and increased the appreciation of the Al-Madah series more and more because of his artistic touch in directing the work crew.

In this regard, Technical Dawn was inclined to have an exclusive dialogue of its kind with director Ahmed Sameer Farag, so that he tells us about the most important moments encountered in the series in addition to his opinion on certain matters and praise in 3 parts His message to the audience after.

Why did you choose to discuss the idea of ​​the jinn’s love for humans in the rune?

From the moment we started to admire, every time we look for a new idea that people don’t know much about, and we reveal it to the public, choosing the idea of ​​genie love is a different idea, and we hoped it would appeal to an audience and it would be controversial, especially since we’re talking about a world that already exists, and it’s the world of the jinn that has its own signs, basics And there are effects. In the real world, we’re trying to base the theme on that to select the need for a dramatic effect. The choice fell on the jinn’s love for humans from different angles, and we went through the experiment.

In your opinion, is it possible in a film to present the character of al-Madah as a great man with superhuman abilities?

It’s quite possible, since al-Mad’ah is a character with superhuman abilities and dignity, and it’s really useful to have a movie hero character, so why not, but that’s not really the case in the current plan.

Filming took place in Lebanon, St. Catherine, Fayoum and Qena. Why did you decide to visit more than one country during this particular part?

The whole idea, in a nutshell, revolves around that we are doing a third part, so it was very necessary that we evolve and go to more than one location and diversify so that the audience is excited to watch because the idea of ​​this part a very difficult idea especially since you want the audience to sit and watch your series and get the feeling that it’s a new series so my idea was based on diversity in the new journey because when people watch a new film the location , they will not feel that it is the appreciation that they saw from the first part, and we tried to distance ourselves from the places that were present in the first two parts, whether Saber is away from her family home or Fayyum.

In addition to the drama that controls us, I mean, for example, our choice of Sayyid Abd al-Rahim al-Kanai and St. Catherine’s because it is a pure place in which the voice of our Lord descended and talked to our master Moses, and it is also the place where the Ten Commandments were revealed, and also had our photo taken at St. Catherine’s Church, where the 3 religions gather together, the blackberry tree, and all this It was necessary to reveal the religious rites that existed at the place, and that is why we tried to provide valuable information about the people and the needs of the public, which they were not aware of.

Even many of the staff, however, were not aware of the importance of St. Catherine and the sanctity of the place, and they were shocked, and it is absolutely part of our message that we, as artists, show people the beauty of St. Catherine. Are. their country and explain that when the voice of our Lord descended, it descended on the ground in the holy valley of Tuwa in Egypt, so I would like to clarify that when we choose a place for photography, we do not choose it in an absurd way, but That’s the intention, and we photographed in different places, whether in Lebanon or any place we wanted to clarify and say that evil is all over the world.

Do you think the Al-Madah series is the first real discovery of Hamada Hilal’s talent, which had been buried and thus not revealed before?

Hamada is a good actor from the start, but the whole idea is that Al-Madah is close to his heart, just like he’s close to mine, so his work is good ya yo. After the first part, people almost forgot that it was Hamada Hilal singer, and they got used to Hamada. He is a capable actor as the role is tough and complex. It is very impersonal, and the content of Hamada’s talents is very broad, but the whole idea is who will know how to use it well, and whether the subject is suitable for Hamada himself.

In which case can you say that the third part in the praise series is the last?

There is no specific case in which I can say that this is the last part, because we do not have any specific or preconceived plan after the end of each part. Ideas and hints that there will be a fourth part, and we usually don’t finish and see if there will be any new ideas that we will experiment with. No, no, but as of this moment, there’s been no talk about a fourth part.

Throughout the 3 parts, good triumphs in the end despite the rising power of evil. What is your view on this?

The message of the series is from the ground level that good must triumph because our Lord says, “I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship them,” and this is reality. It is known that good is the one that will win even if there are difficulties, and I will never make a series that aims for the victory of evil.

In each part, you use stars of the time for beautiful art, such as Ahmed Maher, Kamal Aburia and others. Is there a secret behind this? ,

The idea of ​​using big stars is a very important idea, because these big names add a lot to us and add a lot of value to the work, whether in the second or third part, and a new flavor and a new feeling to watch. Produces the same for the audience.

Did the series rely on fantasy, or on matters existing in reality, or a mix between them, especially after the genie making a wish scene?,

We are degrading a large body of information, much of which is available and documented information, and some of Al-Azhar’s needs are recognized and some are not. Despite this, we have never received a disapproval from Al-Azhar. As for fantasy, the theme certainly has a proportion of fantasy. This is in addition to the fact that we use writing to our advantage by taking real events. We heard about it, for example, and we build on it, so we communicate the mix that exists between reality and fiction in a simple way, so that in the end the viewer enjoys it, and we deliver the message. Let’s communicate what we want through the medium.

He sent a special message to the appreciation of the audience in all the three parts

I thank you so much because without you, this success would not have happened, whether on social media or on the road. The viewers are the main reason for the continuity of the entire series. We are a series that has no importance apart from competition and drama. I would like to thank them again, and if the enthusiasm of the audience was not present, no channel or production body would have produced 3 parts to make it the desired success.

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