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After welcoming nearly 5,000 passengers of the Aida Cosma cruise ship this morning, Ashdod Tourism made a grand statement and announced the expectation of nearly a hundred cruise ships coming to Ashdod port this year. The company intends to promote passengers and invite them for a guided tour around the city – as was done with passengers disembarking at the port this morning

Credit: Ashdod Tourism Company

In a first of its kind collaboration with Ashdod port and cruise agencies, the municipal tourism company (holiday trip And Or), cruise ship welcomed Aida Cosma Which left the port of Italy with about 5,000 passengers and stopped at the port of Ashdod this morning (Thursday).

The ship was greeted by the city’s management and port management, and accompanied by the city’s band – the Big Ben Akadama Band and the Namaste Band led by Dodo Nigaukar, when tourists are expected to disembark during the day on shuttles organized by the company. City Visitor Center, Citadel, Marina, Ashdod Yam Park and city beach, when they are accompanied by English speaking guides.

Credit: Ashdod Tourism Company

Meanwhile, the tourism company announced that about a hundred cruise ships are expected to arrive in the city this year. “Ashdod was organized in front of tourism agents, restaurant owners and the beach department to provide a tourism experience and strengthen the urban economy” – it was reported. “We are proud to be one of the ship docking destinations! Nearly 100 cruise ships are expected to arrive this year – an all-time record number! We are excited and looking forward to them.”

Deputy Mayor and Tourism Commissioner, Eng. Shimon Katzlsson: “I welcome the cooperation between the city and the port in the implementation of the city’s tourism vision. The welcome that tourists received on the cruise today is the standard we have set from now on – this year we have arrived in Ashdod port 100 cruises are planned to be achieved. Tourists will come to Ashdod and meet a modern seaside city with a variety of restaurants that represent the cultural mosaic that exists in our city, the Ashdod Sea Park, the Citadel and many other attractions that we done in the city of Ashdod.”

Credit: Ashdod Tourism Company

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the tourism company and member of the City Council, lawyer Orit Almozlino Raiz: “Ashdod is a tourist city in practice. Today, about 400 tourists from abroad will visit the city, Ashdod Visitor Center, Givat Yona, Ashdod Citadel, sea will leave the port on 9 buses for guided tours of the coasts, restaurants and some shopping. Very glad that we have been able to realize the tourist vision of the city, and this is only the first swallow. I am Mayor Shimon Katzlson, Company Director Ram Aharoni , Irma Tzur and Ariella Rosenthal, and thank the Port of Ashdod for implementing the vision.”

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