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About 65% of New Zealanders live within 5 kilometers of the coast.

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New Zealand scientists have shown a new mapCoastal areas prone to extreme flooding,

Previously, New Zealand did not have similar data. The map, produced by NIWA (New Zealand Institute of Hydrology and Atmosphere) and the Deep South National Science Challenge, shows the threat to coastal areas from extreme rainfall and sea level rise due to climate change.

Dr Scott Stephens, NIWA’s chief coastal scientist, said: “This map can identify land, property and infrastructure at risk from sea level rise.” The map can help governments formulate climate policy and assess risks to the financial industry, infrastructure and service providers. ,

Stephens said when high tide, heavy rain and high waves come together, there is a risk of coastal flooding, low-lying areas can be inundated, dams overwhelmed and water backed inland.

Floods can be deadly, damage property and infrastructure, and have serious effects on the natural environment and ecosystems.

“Around 65 per cent of New Zealanders live within 5 kilometers of the coast, so coastal flooding is an issue that affects many people, and requires urgent preparedness.”

Small sea-level rise causes frequent coastal flooding, the study found. After a relative rise of 0.3 meters in sea level, the land area vulnerable to flooding would increase by 30%. “Based on current conditions, sea level could rise by up to 0.4 meters by 2065, faster than where land is sinking.”

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