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Ishita Gupta Complaint: A famous supermodel named Ishita Gupta has accused actress Priyanka Chowdhary, who impressed fans with her tremendous game in Bigg Boss 16, of copying her style and fashion sense.

BB 16: This supermodel accused Priyanka Chaudhary of copying her style, said - leave the shortcut and work hardPriyanka Chahar Choudhary (1)

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Supermodel Ishita Gupta Complaint: bigg boss 16 The actress appeared in the show and managed to reach the final stage Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary But a supermodel has made allegations. These allegations have been made by none other than supermodel designer Ishita Gupta. Talking about the matter, there is an allegation on Priyanka that she is constantly copying Ishita’s style and her outfits. Ishita has complained about this on Instagram.

Ishita believes that Priyanka Chaudhary is constantly following her and following her every style and fashion sense. Ishita is not happy about this and has shared her grief on social media. He has addressed Priyanka as a copy cat clone. He has requested the younger generation to try to make their dreams come true and stop seeking validation from social media.

Ishita has not only accused of copying the design of Priyanka’s clothes but has also accused of copying her style and her looks exactly. Ishita believes that this type of behavior is not liked in the fashion industry and it is very negative. Due to this, the reputation of the designers also suffers a lot.

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Ishita is the owner of a fashion label named ISIVIS. According to him, the dress that Priyanka Chaudhary copied was the original creation of her own designers. It was specially made by Ishita for the New York magazine cover shoot. Ishita believes that if such designs are copied then not only the brand has a negative impact but it also has a bad effect on the career. In the fashion industry, copying someone’s style is considered a serious crime.

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Ishita finally said that the time has come to get rid of this crime. People working in the fashion industry should unite and try to stop this trend. Concluding her talk, Ishita said that if anyone wants to develop their own fashion sense, then they have to stop adopting shortcuts and work hard. As of now, there is no reaction from Priyanka’s side on this.

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