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By Manilal

Jordanian singer and rapper Dia Elian announced her retirement from singing and purposeful work due to the “doomsday bill”, as she put it.

Dia Illian appeared in a video clip, singing and announcing repentance to God to her fans and followers on the social media platform after watching the clip of a man named Ezz Adnan on “Doomsday Bills”.

The alien said, “Our bills are not equal, and the Lord of the worlds will hold you accountable for what you give, and what we live on this land, and I realize I forgot the message.”

He said, “I got to a point where I simply deleted a lot of things from social media that weren’t like me and didn’t match the place I came from, and things like that The ones I could have left behind because of the trend, but I came.”

She further added, “I thought the mistake was that I kept making mistakes, the mistake of not learning from my experiences, the mistake of satisfying all tastes and the mistake of not satisfying myself… I wish you the most beautiful version of Diya.” I want to show you.” ,

It is noteworthy that Jordanian artist Dia Elian is one of the famous artists who recently decided to retire from singing for religious reasons, notably her compatriot Adham Nabulsi and Egyptian Fares Hamida.

Adham Nabulsi, who gained widespread fame with her songs after participating in a talent show, and Hamida, who was one of the first Mahraghnat artists in Egypt, announced their retirement and repentance to God in the clip .

And Adham Nabulsi appeared in other clips as he recorded reciting the Holy Quran in his own voice, and in another he was leading worshipers in a mosque while Fares Hamida recorded a religious chant.

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