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“The land is God’s land, and the food is in God’s hands. Little is enough and much is overflowing. Treason is sleeping, God curse those who wake it up.” This is the cry of the people of Aswan in Egypt to open the house and receive the Sudanese who have fled from death in a war whose end they do not know.

Despite efforts to sow discord in spirits via social media, when the crisis intensified and war drums rang out in the streets of Khartoum or Omdurman and other Sudanese governorates, there was an unbounded support duty that the people of Aswan hesitated to follow. Do not do to Sudan and its people.

war unites what divides

Following the spread of signs canceling Sudanese entry visas in Egypt, and the opening of the Arkin and Kastel crossings on the border between Egypt and Sudan, calls spread to welcome migrants from Sudan to Aswan, as it was their home. The first transit will be the city. Immediately, the people of Aswan provided homes equipped to receive Sudanese families, as well as opened some community development associations, hosting homes for displaced youth from Khartoum.

“The poor servant of God is subject to any Sudanese family for full residence, provided they are released these days,” Baghdadi al-Shaibani, 60, told Al-Jazeera Net.

Nubians open their homes to receive Sudanese fleeing conflict in Sudan (Al-Jazeera)

Home for displaced people from Sudan

Esmat Farouk, an Egyptian citizen living in Aswan, wrote, “Any Sudanese family that has come to Aswan and has no housing, I hope they will kindly provide me with a respectable supporter, without any amount, for a whole month.” until their condition improves.” , through the group “Together for Aswan” in the Facebook website.

Ismat Farouk told Al Jazeera Net, “Despite the poor economic situation most Egyptians are going through, frequent waves of high prices, and the collapse of the local currency,” the people of Aswan are willing to share the morsel. Some people are concerned about the lack of livelihood and the high prices of services due to the influx of displaced Sudanese people in the coming days, saying that “but God is with us all, and no one knows what is unseen for all of us.” What .

The Nuba people opened their homes to help the Sudanese. The Nubian Mustafa Adel states that the sons of “Dboud, Dahmit, Ambarkab and Abu Hur” are from famous Nuba families. They will open Karkar village houses, located on Abu Simbel road, to host Sudanese until the end of the war, especially since most of the owners of these houses live in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez, most of which have been closed for years . Adel describes the bond between the Egyptian and Sudanese people as “stronger than any racism, and the one that brings the Nile together, does not detract from the discontent with special interests”.

four freedom accord

At a time when calls were being made to grant Sudan the right to enter Egyptian territory without a visa, some called for the activation of the Four Freedoms Agreement, which the Egyptian side concluded with its Sudanese counterpart in 2004. , and granted freedom of movement, residence. Work and ownership, and the agreement gives Egyptian and Sudanese citizens the right to live and work in another country, and to buy and hold real estate and land.

Up to this moment, the agreement has not been fully implemented, despite the approval of the Egyptian and Sudanese parliaments, and a steady increase in the number of Sudanese in Egypt, who according to the UNHCR are estimated to be around 5 million Sudanese, Including 250,000 registered refugees and asylum seekers, the largest number out of a total of 9 million refugees. According to a Human Rights Watch report on the conditions of Sudanese refugees in Egypt, they are being hosted by Egypt.

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