Check before sharing! YouTube introduced new rules to address eating disorders

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On Tuesday, April 18, YouTube announced changes to its new video limits. Will limit content related to an eating disorder, such as overeating or cruel calculations Because these materials will create misunderstanding for the elite and lead to copying.

After the pandemic in 2019 when the entire world population had to stay at home for 24 hours, various social channels were created to identify, or what we know as, Influencers and YouTube is another channel that is used by different types of influencers. produces. With various viral clips and one of the many content people love to choose from is food related content.

YouTube’s global head of health care, Garth Graham, said YouTube made the policy change in consultation with the National Eating Disorders Association and other nonprofits. The goal is to ensure that YouTube creates a space for community rejuvenation and resources. While also protecting the viewers of the YouTube platform.

For channels whose videos related to abnormalities such as excessive content, extreme abstinence that may put the user at risk, or “mimic behavior” will be removed.But it can be restored, allowing YouTube content to remain on the site. But it is limited to users who have logged in to the site and are over 18 years of age.

In addition to removing or age-restricting certain videos, YouTube plans to add panels pointing viewers to legitimate sources of content related to eating disorders in nine countries, with plans to expand to more regions. YouTube says it will begin implementing the policy globally in the coming weeks. And in the future, AI will also be used to help verify such content.

Source: CNN

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