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Another couple with new chemistry wins when Lee Jae Wook and Jo Bo Ah are wooed into a new series together.  The agency said talks are on.
“Lee Jae-wook” and “Jo Bo-ah” may star together in a new historical drama!On April 19, news outlet Sportsworld reported that Lee Jae Wook, actor of the hit series “Alchemy of Souls” in both parts, will be starring in a new historical drama series. On the same day as “Tangium” (literal title) male lead Hong Rang, news outlet Xportsnews reported that the actress of the latest drama Military Prosecutor Doberman Jo Bo Ah will join the drama as the female lead in the role of Jae Yi.

As for such reports, staff from both Lee Jae Wook’s agency C-JES Studios and Jo Bo Ah’s agency KeyEast have stated that they are working on the project. The proposal is under review. to star in the series

Tanggeum (탄금 | tan-geum), adapted from the novel of the same name, is a romantic mystery drama about Jae Yi, the daughter born between a merchant guild owner in the Joseon Dynasty, Shim Yeol Guk, and a surrogate Danju. Mother and Hong Rang, Shim Yeol Guk’s son, born to his wife. Kim Hong Sun, director of Decoy Part 1 and Part 2, The Guest, The Voice and “Money Heist. : Korea – Joint Economic Zone, who will be responsible for the production of this project, not yet specified on this air channel Has been done

Lee Jae Wook stars alongside Seo In-guk and Park So-dam in Death’s Game, an adaptation of the popular webtoon of the same name, while Jo Bo. Ahn has a new romantic fantasy project on JTBC titled This Relationship Is Force Measure Ro-woon.

Get another pair of new chemistry and follow tanjam series news updates through online plays. news information

Joe Boa

joe boa is mildly sexy

joe boa is mildly sexy

Joe Boa is a military prosecutor.  In previous works, Military Prosecutor Doberman

Joe Boa and Raun This is the unexpected event in the relationship

lee jae wook

lee jae wook

lee jae wook his latest work

lee jae wook

Lee Jae Wook participated in Project Death's Game.

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