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By Manilal

JU Center for Culture Tivat

Thursday, 13.04.2023. 8 o’clock Mr.

Big Hall of Tivat Culture Center

Corypheus Theater – Kolašin

theatrical play

“Evening in the Maple Garden”

Text: Vasko Raicevic

Director: Zoran Rakosevic

Dramatization: Milana Matejic

They play:

Fire – petar novakovic

Nina – jelena jukic

Martin – nemanja todorovic

Drago – george tatik

Faith – annelija rondovic

Jakov- dejan ivanic

The project was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and Media of Montenegro and the Municipality of Kolasin.

author’s word

Reading Marquez’s novel The Autumn of the Patriarchs, I wondered what the end of some longstanding regime in the Balkans would look like. What is the legacy of a broken system and what has happened to the people who survived the painful collapse of the world they thought was eternal. Those who survived till the 90s hoped to create new values ​​and continued to exist as a defeated class. Meanwhile some new people came. Relying on the literature, I built the play on archaic relationships: representing a mixture of revolutionary forces, one driven by the fires of idealism, and the other contemplative, dark, and ultimately pragmatic. Those who were lost in the excesses of class following the collapse of the old order are an antidote to the new generations, lost in the anarchic outlook of the new age. There must also be a grain of hope in that new thing. This abundance of literary elements can be a burden to the stage reading of the piece, but I see it as opening space for inspiration for those who will work on its staging. Perhaps the theme of the play was too sensitive for those who had read it before, so it took more than 10 years to find its director. Also, I feel like now is the right time to tell this story.

(Vasco Raicevic)

director’s word

We live in a society where there is still no social consensus on whether we need change or not. And this is not just a question of a mindset that has been reduced to its own conformity, but a fundamental question of human dignity and morality. The social, that is, the political elite, have done their best to keep our society in the reserve of their influence, so as not only to enrich themselves through the backs of social property and public interest, but also to push them into the dark class. Can also be launched in of power and authority.

Montenegrin society is not alone in this, although the play reminds us of our thirty-year legacy: authoritarian rule, cult of personality, tycoonization of state property, perceived Europeanization, corruption, nepotism, clientelism, social stratification.

This, then, is a piece about political change, or about the possibility of it in general. It is certainly a daily political topic that has been trivialized since the beginning of the nineties, but it is also a consequence of the many social conflicts in which the “elite” have pushed us, in fact producing only one result. Doing: A demoralized, ravaged and privatized society in which the new owners of our goods have given up an appearance of progress and the rule of law that young people are leaving, or at least, according to all polls, they want to leave.

(Zoran Rakosevic)

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