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News18 Bengali | April 23, 2023, 13:04 IST

Diabetes Remedy: Change in diabetes in the form of jaggery sugar! a great deal of information is out in the open

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Sugar is poison for diabetics Refined sugar raises blood sugar level Symbolic image

It is believed that consuming jaggery instead of refined sugar can be very good towards sugar. Symbolic Image

Because jaggery is relatively rich in natural elements, now let us know whether jaggery is really good for diabetes instead of sugar? symbolic image

Let us now know at a glance the benefits or properties of jaggery. Jaggery cures anemia. Symbolic Image

Jaggery contains iron as well as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sucrose, glucose etc. in sufficient quantity. symbolic image

Jaggery is also rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B which helps in controlling high blood pressure. Representational Image

Antioxidants reduce stress, that is why the elders of the house are told to eat jaggery after a meal. Symbolic Image

Doctor or dietician recommending diabetic patients to eat foods with low glycemic content, symbolic image

But because jaggery has a high glycemic content, it is not recommended to eat jaggery in diabetes. Representational Image

Eating jaggery can increase blood sugar level. Although jaggery is not as harmful as sugar, it is advised not to consume jaggery due to its high glycemic content. symbolic image

The glycemic element of jaggery mixes easily in the blood. As a result, the event will not take long. Symbolic Image

Jaggery has high glycemic content so diabetics are not advised to take jaggery with food. Representational Image

Diabetics in general may have to avoid sweet foods of any kind. Representational Image

Also not recommended with sugar free diet as it may cause problems in the body Symbolic Image

Whether you eat sugar or jaggery, the blood sugar level increases but many people believe that eating jaggery instead of sugar keeps the blood sugar level under control. Symbolic Image

Although this is completely false, jaggery contains sucrose, which increases blood sugar levels by increasing the absorption of complex nutrients. Symbolic image

That is, like other sweet foods, jaggery is also very dangerous for diabetics. Symbolic image

People who do not have diabetes can eat jaggery instead of sugar. Eating jaggery instead of sugar in diabetes is very dangerous, avoid all sweet or sugary foods. Symbolic Image

News 18 Bangla does not bind you to accept the above matters. Make a decision based on your own judgment, but consult a doctor before practical use. symbolic image

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