Easter among the ruins, but with faith – Chernihiv region

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By Manilal

Residents of the village of Lukashivka perform an Easter Sunday consecration near the ruins of their Church of the Ascension, which survived World War II but did not survive the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russian forces that tried to occupy Chernihiv Oblast in March destroyed the temple, but they did not succeed in destroying the people’s faith. Faith in God, faith in truth, faith in the future, faith in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and faith in our victory!

For the second year in a row, our people are forced to celebrate Easter under conditions of full-scale war with Russia. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the opportunity to visit temples on this day. After all, before Easter, and on the biggest Christian holiday, Russian terrorists are shelling Ukrainian territories. This also happens with churches.


The Church of the Ascension of the Lord of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in Lukasivka was almost completely destroyed by the Russians, but this did not prevent the people and the priest from holding the liturgy, after which the father consecrated the baskets of believers. Pilgrimage.

We will remind that the village of Lukashivka was under Russian occupation for 21 days – from March 9 to March 30, 2022. In the Ascension Church itself, the Russians set up headquarters, a hospital, and an ammunition depot. After the liberation of the village from the Russians, the bodies of those shot were found in the church. And this once again proves the fact that there is nothing sacred in Russian terrorists.

The church was in fact completely burnt inside, and its walls bore hundreds of shell hit marks. Part of the roof has fallen and a dome is missing. However, the parishioners believe that they will rebuild their shrine.

In July, the community voted to transition to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The first service at the Ascension Church after the transfer to the OCU was held on August 2, the feast of Elijah.

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