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By Manilal

The event will come alive with more than 50 free events for children and young people, and this year the host country is Germany.

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The festival will be opened by an international exhibition of works awarded in the 10th edition of the BUDI competition at the Gallery of Contemporary Art, and in addition to this exhibition, visitors will be able to see an exhibition dedicated to the “Neven” leaf. On the occasion of the 190th anniversary of the birth of the child poet Jovan Jovanović Zmaj (1833–1904).

In addition, art lovers will have the opportunity to see the exhibition of comic book writer Ana Petrovic, winner of this year’s “Dušan Radović” award from the Belgrade City Library.

As part of the theater ensemble, the play “The Brothers Grimm” will be realized, a co-production of the Children’s Theater Scene “Go There…” from the Pancevo Cultural Center and the Sika Mika Theater from Belgrade.

The performance of high school students from Pancevo “Snežan and the Seven Dwarfs” based on the motifs of Aleksandr Popović’s play will be performed for the first time, closing the 10th of BUDI.

The concert will include performances by the children’s choir “Vocal Kids” and the primary music school choir “Jovan Bandur” from Pančevo, and the “Merry Gospel Choir” from Belgrade.

Literary events will be held under the common name “Book Tuesdays”, where the winner of this year’s “Politicaj Entertainer” award – Olivera Zulović, who was awarded for the novel “Handbook for a Solid Life”, will be the guest.

The movie section called “Movie Wednesdays” will be dedicated to the latest film productions for the youngest, such as animated versions of Disney hits – “The Little Mermaid”, “Magic of the Moon”, “Roma’s Hair Salon” and others. ,

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