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The Ministry of Health noted that free food items are provided for patients with the Sweet Tooth allergy, explaining that more information can be obtained by calling the health number 937.

securing food products

And the health ministry said in a tweet shared by the ministry’s official account on the social networking site Twitter: “If you were diagnosed with gluten sensitivity disease (celiac)?

She applied to join the Food Products Insurance Program after reporting the injury through Family Medicine Clinics.

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43 Hospital

The ministry indicated that gluten-free products have been distributed to 43 hospitals around the state, and they can be obtained by following 3 steps:

Issuing a report proving celiac disease

2- Applying for the program in the hospital

3- Distribution of monthly food items

Earlier, the Ministry of Health stressed the need to complete vaccination (reactivation dose) for citizens and residents of all ages to prevent the spread of Corona Virus (Covid 19).

since age 12

The ministry indicated that the updated dose of the corona covid 19 vaccine is available to those who wish to receive it, who have spent two months or more since receiving the previous dose, and who are 12 years of age and above. Is.

He indicated that it is easy to get the vaccine by booking an appointment through the “My Health” application, indicating the target groups for the incentive dose, which are

– elderly

People with autoimmune diseases and chronic diseases.

high risk categories

Employees working in work environments that increase their chances of exposure to or spreading the virus

Individuals who have received a previous dose two months or more ago.

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