from the delegation " namibia hope program " Ministry of Public Health – On a working visit to Sahara Press Service

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By Manilal

07/05/2023 – 23:40

Shaheed Al-Hafiz May 07th, 2023 (SPS) – Today, a delegation from the “Namibe Hope Program” jointly presented to the Ministry of Public Health between the United States and several African countries, led by a working African Center for The visit to the desert country comes within the framework of a series of regional visits organized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and is related to the launch of the African campaign “SLL to save lives and livelihoods” in the coming months.

The African delegation was received at the Ministry’s headquarters by the Ministry’s Secretary-General, Bhai Mohamed Ammar, and Dr. Khalil Lasiad, Advisor to the Minister of Public Health, as well as some of the Ministry’s directors and heads of central departments.

During the meeting, several presentations were made to the African delegation related to the desert health system, the national immunization program, information systems and health indicators, in addition to discussions on a number of general issues linking the “Namibian Hope Program” and public ministry. Health and mechanisms to develop coordination and exchange health information with respect to the implementation of health policies from the African Centers for Disease Control and Control.

For context, apart from meeting with some Sahrawi officials, the delegation will visit some Sahrawi health institutions. and ace


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