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It is said that a healthy child has happy parents. This statement is as true as it can be if we think about the sleepless nights and the worries parents face when their children are sick. Especially in the first years of life, when health problems are common and any sneeze or even half a degree higher in the thermometer puts them on alert.

And because a child’s illness is stressful enough, the last thing a parent needs to worry about is waiting hours to see a doctor or days to get tests on which their little one’s health depends. Is.

Hence, in such situations nothing is more suitable than a private medical insurance, which provides essential medical care and treatment to the younger members of the family but also gives peace of mind to the worried parents.

Insurance companies have various private health insurance offers that provide health care for all family members including children. But be careful: it is very important that each family chooses an insurance plan according to their needs, so it is recommended that those looking for health insurance contact an insurance broker. He can create an individualized health protection plan for both the children and their parents based on the needs of each.

If chosen wisely, child health insurance is a form of financial protection in the event of an accident or illness that requires hospitalisation, thorough check-up or surgery.

Such an insurance package may include additional services dedicated to children, for example visiting a pediatrician at home, emergency transport to a hospital, treatment and hospitalization, emergency services in case of an accident, non-stop Call centers, where requests for medical information can be made or various analyzes and tests can be performed that children need during puberty.

Also, some insurance packages can also be customized with an investment component, an amount saved, which multiplies over time and will be able to access when the child reaches the age .

And because the profile market offers a variety of insurance possibilities, an insurance broker will know how to create the most suitable package for each client and all members of his or her family. Leader Team Insurance Broker, Romania’s top brokerage company, also present in the European market, offers products with full coverage both in Romania and abroad, and has in its portfolio all health products from local and international insurers, such as: Allianz , Groupama, Asirom, Signal Iduna, Omniasig, Eurolife, AXA Health, April, Generali Health, Bupa or Cigna. In addition, for 2023, the company proposes to attract new international partners for the launch of health insurance products created specifically for the Romanian market.

Leader team broker offers the benefit of customized insurance packages created as per the available budget and medical requirements of each individual, so that customers can choose the best option for them and their families. The brokerage firm has concluded contracts with more than 800 clinics in Romania and more than 5,000 clinics abroad, which allow it to offer treatment, services and money for medical examination and hospitalization in Romania, Europe, USA and Romania. Gives you the opportunity to find the best price for access. rest of the world

As a result, health insurance is perhaps the best investment one can make, especially for children, as they are more vulnerable to illness as children and, later, to accidents of all kinds.

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