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GrabMart, the most popular quick-commerce ordering app in Thailand, reveals summer the number of durian orders through GrabMart increases by more than 70%, especially foreign tourists. Purchase orders increased by more than 40% during the last Songkran. Manthong, Chani and Kanyao were the three best-selling varieties.

Grab Mart ApplicationOrder quick commerce Popular Number One in Thailand1 Reveal Purchase OrderdurianpassGrab MartduringHeatincreased by more than 70%, especially among foreign tourists This year, orders have increased by more than 40% during the last Songkran festival.

By Golden Pillow, Gibbons and the Long Stem Reigning as champion of the 3 best-selling breeds send campaign”durian festival send fast, pleasingdurian lovers“Welcome the summer, connecting with retail stores nationwide, select quality durian products – discount deals ready to serve both Thai and overseas durian necks. Consolidating market leadershipquick commerceWho answers every important moment in every festival

'Grabmart' reveals 70% increase in orders for summer durian 'Manthong, Gibbons and Kanyao' champions

panomkorn chirastheenpong marketing director catch thailand said in summerthai fruitIt is one of the best selling products Grab Mart especiallyking of fruitsBut durian With a unique soft sweet taste and unique aroma which is very popular among Thai and foreign service users

ByLast 2022, it was found that durian sales through GrabMart increased by more than 70% in summer. We are starting to see a trend for this year compared to last yearOrder Durian Onlinegrowing steadily

With an additional factor from the opening up of the countryforeign touristMore Travel to Thailand During the last Songkran festival, it was found that durians were ordered throughGrab MartThe group of overseas service users increased by more than 40%, especially Chinese tourists Singapore and Malaysia Which are the most popular to order Durian 4 by 3 species which is popular and best-selling on Grabmart i.e. golden pillows , gibbons and long stems.

'Grabmart' reveals 70% increase in orders for summer durian 'Manthong, Gibbons and Kanyao' champions

GrabMart has sent a campaign to create color and welcome summer this year”durian festival send fast, pleasing durian lover“To collect good-bred quality durians, by joining forces with shop partners who sell the fruit from all over the country, whether golden pillow, gibbon, tall stem, la-yu forest, warbler rare species like pungamani Available at Grab Mart To please durian lovers, both Thai and overseas offer a special 10% discount from participating stores in the campaign. From today until June 25, 2022, simply enter the code “DURIAN20” to get an additional 20% off Grab when ordering durian at least 500 baht through GrabMart.

“In addition, we have also compiled a special durian menu designed to please durian lovers, which can be ordered through the service.grab foodEspecially during this summer, like Durian Cake from Holiday Pastry, Phui Thong Bread from Luk Kai Thong. Durian Sticky Rice from Mai Duen Thai Desert served with a minimum order of 500 baht including Durian Ice Cream Cake from Swensen’s and 20% off when you enter the code DURIAN20 to enjoy and enjoy. From today till June 25, 2023,” Mr Panomkorn added.

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