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Hanan Rehab, President of the Federal Women’s Organization, welcomed the current Academic Day on “Comprehensive Review of the Family Code” in a speech today, Wednesday, May 3, in which she emphasized betting within the framework of the series of events. that it organizes or contributes to the revitalization and change of the Family Code in a way that achieves the objectives of equity, equality and justice, which is change which we consider to be a fundamental building block in a more comprehensive battle in which What needs a long breath is the fight for greater equality in rights and duties.

Hanan Rehab stated that the federal women’s organization was launched with the support of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces party, with all its parallel organizations and representative aspects, the Socialist Team – led by the federal opposition, in a group of dynamism that between Let’s mix:

Sensitizing, advocating and protesting to be proactive and engaged in this community workshop launched with Her Majesty’s inaugural royal speech in July 2022, evident in her call for reform of the Family Code after nearly twenty years of experience . To do justice to women and children, as they are the direct victims of any social injustice, in the absence of clear and strict legal protection, and not allow interpretations that create false social hierarchies based on degrading roles of women reproduce, and sees them as one. minor unit.

We consider the adoption of the present Family Code in 2004 to be a social, value and intellectual revolution, and a condition of all the forces of humanism, progress and modernity, and we consider this to be the unanimity of all in this esteemed Council Political and ideological sensitivity as an expression of Moroccan wisdom at a critical juncture, as Morocco succeeds, to make great compromises, to uplift the national contribution, and to prioritize not to drown in polarization that threatens social peace could endanger, and lead us into, a labyrinth of divisions that mirror what has happened in other countries where the language of takfir and counter-takfir is prevalent.

What happened later, however, says Rehab, is our discovery that resistance to reform, modernization and equality does not exist in the state, but in social structures that contain mindsets of the past, which unfortunately house them in certain official institutions. Looking for Structures that arise not from the spirit and purposes of texts, whether constitutional texts, organizational laws, criminal laws, family codes, and other legal codes, but rather from retrospective readings of these laws based on masculine interpretations.

These mindsets are well invested in the loopholes in the current Family Code and other laws, which are loopholes that sometimes allow contradictory interpretations, and so we have become in the same issues, such as establishment of lineage, To expect a judge or judge to judge based on beliefs is based on a preoccupation with the horizons of modernity, or on the contrary is still a prisoner of traditionalism, as long as the legal text allows two readings, despite our firm belief that The Family Code is comparable to the constitutional document ambiguous or ambiguous enough to adapt it to the requirements of international conventions ratified by Morocco, and approved in this Representative Council, and issued in the Official Gazette, which does not tolerate any Islam as an advocate of conservatism and the claim of imitation is not contrary to the objectives.

His Majesty the King, who has demonstrated a positive bias towards the rights of women and children since his accession to the throne, constitutes for us as progressive women and our support in our Moroccan pursuit of equality and fairness for all classes support and support for. sections of society, but this royal support requires that a modern democratic society and a strong social state, because there is no modernity or democracy without excluding women, and no social state without approving policies for the economic empowerment of women .

As explained by the head of the Federal Women’s Organization, in recent days there have been voices that seek to postpone the entitlement to change the Family Code, as well as reform the criminal law, claiming While stating that the economic crisis and the high cost of living are the biggest problems. Those we should value, and all other issues facing the Moroccan people are of no importance.

This “bread” approach, and let me use this expression, is a misguided approach, and is not intended to defend the purchasing power of male and female citizens. Separating the issues of social justice and issues of modernization and democracy only deepens class distinctions and the dominance of retrocentrism and reaction, which are the greatest allies of class, social and gender-based hierarchies. capable of justifying social injustice on the basis of interpretations that fundamentally demand dignity. , justice and virtue.

Therefore, women were and are at the forefront of victims of any social crisis, armed conflict, or economic collapse, and from this perspective, our today’s defense of changing the Family Code to ensure equality and fairness There is not a contradiction. The purchasing power of citizens and citizens, and this does not contradict the priority of building a strong economy, and this is not a contradiction, it is at the heart of all these battles, because it is on the lines of contact between a strong social state and the modern democratic project.

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