How much do Britons spend on food and drink on the coronation holiday?

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British people are preparing to hold street parties and family gatherings during the bank holiday and celebrate the royal coronation today, from Saturday, and according to the “Daily Mail” website, it is expected to spend around 200 million pounds sterling Will go On food and drink, this weekend.

And the British Liddell Group of stores said it had sold enough flags and banners to cover the distance of a street lined by celebrants of the coronation procession.

Traditional British Parties and Events

There is also a demand for products to be used at traditional British parties and events, which follow the same royal theme.

The retail hub expects consumers to add more than £1.4 billion to the British economy over the holidays.

And a new report confirmed that King Charles III’s coronation ceremony is the first of its kind in the British Empire in more than 70 years, and reports indicated that the ceremony would cost the country more than $145 million.

coronation of king charlescoronation of king charles

The coronation ceremony in Britain is expected to contribute to reviving demand for many sectors and services in the country, due to the influx of thousands of people into the capital London during the holidays, and Monday officially declared a day off, CNN said. was done. United Kingdom to celebrate the coronation and also for citizens to participate in the festivities, whether in the streets or through the media.

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