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Tea, Chai Shayari Wishes Quotes, International Tea Day 2023

Tea, Chai Shayari Wishes Quotes, International Tea Day 2023

International Tea Day 2023, Happy Chai Day: For tea lovers, tea is not just a drink, but an experience. Such a beautiful feeling, without which life seems a bit dull. If you also start your day and evening with a sip of tea, then International Tea Day has been made for tea lovers like you. Of course, with a sip of tea, all the tension automatically vanishes. Drink tea with friends on the tapri or sit in a blanket with your partner, tea will never let you down, here are the best shayari, quotes and messages to send to your tea lover friends and relatives on International Tea Day, which will definitely make their face happy after reading them. And the mood will be very refreshing.

This rainy season and your memory,

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Let’s meet again with a cup of tea.

Tea will not change my mind of lover,

The year will change but the condition of the heart will not change

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I can see your face in the smoke rising from the cup of tea,

Getting lost in these thoughts of you, my tea often gets cold.

– How to wake you up from sleep in the morning,

We have made very good tea, but how can you make me drink it.

These silent moments, this pink morning day,

Missing you, just one more tea without you.

I wish one of my wishes would come true,

Some morning just a cup of tea can be with you.

O life, let’s sit and drink some tea,

After all, you too must be tired of running from place to place.

Be it tea or chahat, both strong are liked. happy tea day dear

What do you know about this love of tea?

Thinking of you in every sip with great satisfaction.

Let all restrictions end, all friends will meet again over tea sometime.

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