Kombucha leather bag recalls Al-Diriyah’s history after winning in Milan "tanveen challenges" In "Prosperous" – Ajel Newspaper

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Saudi designer Manahel Al-Qasim forges his way locally by winning the “Tanveen Challenge” organized annually by the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra), earning him the opportunity to participate internationally at Milan Design Week for his project . , which is made of kombucha leather, as it embodies sustainability in its concept. Al-Qassim then took the initiative to implement a design inspired by the real thing city of Diriyah, where creativity and simplicity merge with the sense of place as it has multiple meanings.

njd architecture

Manahel, 25, is the daughter of Al Diriyah. He drew art from aspects of the place and inspired a spirit of creativity from it to direct it to the throbbing heart of Italy. He has a message and goals that rely on the geometrical inscriptions that characterize Najdi architecture, namely squares, triangles and rectangles, and as opposed to designs engraved with colors and lines, he gave Al-Qasim the Idea in the Ithra Center. Planned under the supervision of a team of labs, artistically smooth follow the return of history and the identity of the city that is the first capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, deriving the value of the elements made from nature and the work from the city itself , especially since the fine lines in all corners of the bag he linked the architectural design of the city to the sensory meanings that are based on the sustainability of natural resources.

sustainable design

Manahel Al-Qassim based his idea on the laser cutting feature as he started a bio-leather product in the shape of a bag from the point of view of sustainable design through the use of material generated from biological bacteria, which shows that emerging technologies and 3D printing were employed, so the final shape tells a story with historical equipment and an artistic character according to its expression, as it relies on its merits on secrecy and contrast in the colors of the important materials Let’s try to create a more sustainable future with golden threads.

Tanveen Challenge Standard

The designer believes that products made from sustainable resources create a new niche in the design world, adding, “My message to professionals is to stay away from less sustainable designs, as raw materials have a direct impact on the production line. That’s why I’m looking at starting a production line for future designs made from critical materials taken from the environment and characterized by their existence over the years.” And this is at the cost of products that are of low quality And are more harmful to the environment. The increased damage and their bulkier design.” And on how they obtained the bag’s components, she says: “Under the supervision of the Idea Lab team at Ithra, we developed the materials to ensure the sustainability of the materials. took the initiative to bring components from nature for their potential to use and achieve the goal. Several scientific tests to reach the inevitable conclusion, and the same skins are now being manufactured in the Ideas Lab. To enter competitions and challenges Despite the opportunities presented to Al-Qasim, he met his passion for Tanween’s challenges, as it contained the exact criteria that satisfied his desire to reach the world.

digital manufacturing

It should be noted that among the five innovative challenges for 2022, the Biotechnology Fashion Challenge asks designers to create a unique bag that explores the potential of new biomaterials and digital manufacturing technologies; to draw the attention of members of society to the so-called “bio-fashion”; All that contributes to a more sustainable future, and it seems remarkable that the first place bag design for designer Al-Qassim was presented at Bilbao and Bizkaia Design Weeks. It is worth noting that the Tanveen Challenge program was launched by King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) targeting designers, professionals and students.

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