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The “Latte Style Festival” will be held at the Kaohsiung Yixiang Fashion Plaza from June 9 to June 11, 2023. There will be “La One” owned by Master Jian Tiankai and the independent coffee shop “Wotian Coffee” at the event venue, ” #Space Café”, “Saturn Landing Turkish Coffee”, “Akijō Hagi Bar Gathering Place”, “Café SAULA”, the well-known sweet shop “Gentle Lab”, “Pear Bar Manufacturing Institute|NASHIBA lj.” , “Vanilla Night Chocolate Workshop” and other well-known brands.

Ingredients Provided=Taste Style Gourmet Guide

Produced by Flavor Style Food Guide, the large-scale food exhibition “Latte Style Festival” dedicated to coffee and milk will be grandly launched at the Kaohsiung Yixiang Fashion Plaza from June 9 to June 11, 2023. Let the long-lasting aroma of coffee and the aroma of rich milk accompany you to spend a wonderful weekend.

Gather around 30 coffee brands to spend a wonderful weekend with your “latte style festival”

The Latte Style Festival gathers around 30 popular coffee brands, Champion Coffee, independent dessert shops and fine wine brands, and joins hands with high-quality plant milk Milklab and Lavazza, a century-old Italian coffee popular in Australia. Personal Latte Style Festival. In addition to the Flavor Salon where coffee professionals from all walks of life take you to explore the world of interesting coffee, the one-day Pop-Up Latte Laboratory, the limited photo sticker machine that is popular all over Taiwan, and the super cute hand- Painted coffee pots are waiting for you to discover.

Latte Style Festival invites “La One”, independent coffee shop “Votian Coffee”, “#Space Cafe”, “Saturn Landing Turkish Coffee” under the banner of “La One”, known as French cuisine Nanbatian , and “Saturn Landing Turkish Coffee”, “Akijo Hagijo Gathering Office”, “Cafe Soula”, the famous dessert shop “Gentle Laboratory”, “Pear Bar Factory ~ Nashiba LJ”, “Vanilla Night Chocolate Workshop”, and Coffee Concentrate ” Le Brulife Lebu”, “L’Expresso” which allows you to taste specialty coffee at any time, friends who don’t drink coffee, there is also a super popular hand-cranked shop “Sleep for 5 Minutes” which allows you To break is tea and milk. Imagine a latte.

“Le Brulife Lebu” uses coffee concentrated products to allow you to enjoy specialty coffee at any time. (Image source: Courtesy Flavor Style Food Guide)

In addition to tasting a variety of coffees, the Latte Style Festival can also have fun with crafts

The celebration of the latte style will feature a number of interesting projects, including three days of “latte labs” deployed by different brands to bring everyone together to enjoy coffee; The “Coffee Refill Pot”, brought to you by “Crox Coffee”, will use LAVAZZA recipe beans so everyone can make their own coffee. The “latte artist” of “coffee preparation” will take you to experience the art of coffee latte art on the spot as well as the “fossil mr fossil” “mr fossil”. “Latte Fun” lets you be an archaeologist of coffee.

At the Latte Flavor Festival, you can participate in “Crox Coffee’s” “Coffee Renewal Pot” activity, using LAVAZZA recipe beans, so everyone can make their own coffee. (Image source: Courtesy Flavor Style Food Guide)

Explore the wonders of the coffee world while tasting coffee

“Flavour Salon” invites many professionals from the coffee industry to explore the secrets of the coffee world. Saturn Landing Turkish Coffee will be launched by Saturn Landing Turkish Coffee. In addition to introducing Turkish coffee, Wu Zongjin, the founder of Saturn Landing Turkish Coffee, will also introduce you to the interpretation of images of coffee grounds, thereby revealing the mystery of coffee divination. , as well as Kenny from “Cafe Soula” talking about Spanish coffee, and Zhou Yongzheng, the founder of “Wotian Coffee”, explaining the unique technology of combining coffee and wine. More coffee workers will bring you rich coffee culture and knowledge.

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