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Spring is the first warm rays of sunshine, greenery and bright flowers. Enjoying the springtime with a picnic blanket. For centuries, parties and rituals have been organized by which people receive this beautiful season after a long winter. Here we explore some of the places in Europe where spring is good for trekking.
Do you want to spend the holiday with a source of warmth, flowers and energy? According to DW, here are some travel destinations in Europe where you can enjoy wonderful springtime with lots of greenery and bright colors.
Holland – to the sea of ​​tulips

Narcissus, tulips and royal crowns are far from sight, and here the tulips stand that attract tourists from all over the world to Keukenhof Park, about 40 km from Amsterdam. More than 7 million bulbs have been planted by hand, and visitors can create garden design ideas and enjoy the beauty of these flowers.
Germany – Mainau, the dream of a flower island

Mainau Island on Lake Bodenzi is a paradise for flowers, the weather there is mild, so there are palm trees and plants from the Mediterranean region. And an excursion among a variety of flowers brings the taste of spring closer to the souls of visitors. In good weather the snow-capped Alps can be seen.
Take a selfie with the cherry trees in Bonn

In the first days of April, the cherry trees along the streets in the old town of Bonn are in pink bloom. And as the flowers bloom, tourists and photography enthusiasts from all over the world come to take selfies with the beautiful flowers. This sight is especially attractive for Japanese tourists, who celebrate the Hanami cherry tree ceremony in their homeland.
Flowers in northern Germany – crocuses bloom

Saffron neglectus turns the Husum Palace garden into a purple carpet every year over an area of ​​five hectares. It is not known why it was put there. Medieval priests probably wanted to extract real saffron from it, but they were mistaken because what they planted was not an edible zatyphus.
Under the apple trees in South Tyrol

In South Tyrol, in the Italian Alps, beautiful walks can be made, especially between late March and early May, when the apple trees are in bloom. South Tyrol, with its geographic location and mild climate, is an ideal location for these trees, as about one million tons of apples are harvested there annually.
Spring Festival in Madeira

During the “Fiesta de Flor” flower festival, residents of the Portuguese island of Madeira welcome spring. The people there decorate their capital city of Funchal with many flowers and wear pink colored clothes. The celebrations last for several days and culminate in a procession through the city.
A fiery party in Valencia, Spain

Even the Spanish coast has a warm spring during the month of March during the so-called Fallas de Valencia. The ceremony dates back to the eighteenth century, when artisans began to light candlesticks and lanterns at the end of winter. The culmination of the ceremony, which begins at ten o’clock in the evening, is the burning of large paper figures in the streets and squares.

Spring and Migratory Bird Show

Even the animal world puts on a show in spring, as the skies are filled with movement as storks migrate from the south across Germany to their egg-laying grounds in Scandinavia. Flocks of these birds can be seen, for example, in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, where about 70,000 birds gather during the migration season.

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