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By Manilal

Edited by Maria Rosa Sosai
Mudasi | Carrara Museum of Art
28 April – 25 June 2023

Carrara: becomes a museum with the community participation project “Reconciliation”. Artist, Community, Institution”, curated by Maria Rosa Sosai, promoted by the Municipality of Carrara and produced by Mudassi | Art Museum in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, the Istituto Valorizzazione Castelli and the Social Promotion Association Oltre / Carrara Studi Aperti Carrara.

The “Reconciliation” project is the result of a process lasting months, which was accomplished thanks to moments of sharing, town gatherings and public meetings that brought together different components of the Carrara community.

boys and girls, students, teenagers, guests in a nursing home, prison inmates, artists, associations, academy students, galleries, spaces for contemporary art and individual citizens of civil society, belonging to different age groups, Has actively participated, contributing to the creation of 14 community projects – meetings, exhibitions, installations, performances, workshops, art therapy sessions, city and nature walks, editorial news, theatrical performances – which took place from April 28 to June 25, Will be presented to the public by 2023.

The project is the result of a long process of cultural mediation between the institutions and the Carrara community, in the application of the guidelines expressed in the 2021 “Carrara Charter for Sustainable Development through Arts and Craftsmanship”, shared with 13 Italian Creative Cities UNESCO Has been done

«The active and numerous presence of citizens of Carrara in public meetings, in recent months under the leadership of Maria Rosa Sosai – underlines Laura Barreca, director of MUDA – is testimony to an intense collective interest, which has sparked a debate. The gap between artists, communities and institutions needs to be bridged. Artists, students, civil society, associations, spaces for contemporary art, have worked in a participatory manner through a horizontal sharing of processes in carrying out the phases of the work, which qualified it as a community project is, which includes within it other projects, in which one was able to participate freely and creatively».

This participatory dynamic has been activated by Mudac, which has become a means of strengthening ties between artists, communities and institutions: a museum dedicated to the complexity of the community, its care and the improvement of the quality of life through art. The project puts into practice the principles established by ICOM – the International Council of Museums, working not only in the field of conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage, but also reasserting the role of the museum as a guarantor of access, participation and knowledge sharing. is defining (Prague, 2022) through community participation.

The projects organized within the “Reconciliarci” constitute a heritage whose value is based on the critical discussion and creative confrontation between the protagonists of Carrara’s most interesting professional and artistic realities, developed inside the museum and in other places of the city.

“Cohesion” has made it possible to initiate lasting relationships between citizens and institutions with the aim of improving the quality of life of people with creativity, a more direct use of the arts.

The program of “Reconciliation”. Artists, communities, institutions, available on the website, divided over the following days: 28-29 April, 26-27-28 May, 23-24 June 2023. 14 Projects is an urban walk to discover places in the city through an online map available to the public.

Among the various initiatives, there is also the installation in Muda of the exhibition “Objects of Memory”, curated by Xenia Gussina and Luca Locati Luciani, which can be viewed from May 26 to June 25, 2023. A project based on the significant experience of the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, winner of the EMYA Kenneth Hudson Award in 2010 as the most innovative and audacious museum project in Europe, A community through the constant game of the cross, Carrara Tells the story of community. -Context between the individual and the collective level. For the duration of the exhibition the community has been asked to lend historical objects and documents to the museum: relics, amulets and artifacts that reference a memory, a feeling, an indissoluble bond. Objects with primary symbolic and sentimental value, linked to the past and one’s roots, but also as pretexts for telling stories with collective value. Stories that collide with each other, merge, collide, stories that belong to everyone or the experience of one person.

MudaC’s exhibition proposal will also be completed, from May 28 to June 25, 2023, by “Emotional Cell”, an installation created in collaboration with artists Daniela Borri, Luca Gianotti, Giusi Ricco for the project room of the museum. A group of inmates outside and inside the walls with the Massa District House and Xperia Theater Company.

Another initiative by MudaC, which accompanied the project during the months of preparation, was carried out on an urban scale, posting public posters containing some phrases collected from participants, who were asked to express their views on the topic of reconciliation The sentences were then printed on 100 × 140 cm posters and displayed in different parts of the city of Carrara as the result of a collective idea that finds place through the action of the museum.

In parallel to “Reconciliation”, Mudac promotes the public program “Roles of Society: Museums, Communities, Monuments”, curated by Laura Barreca, as part of the project “Sculpting the Wind” by PAC winner Francesco Bartoli. Performed as – Piano for Contemporary Art 2021 of DGCC-General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity of Ministry of Culture. Three conferences by Leonardo Caffo, Lisa Parola and Cecilia Guida, among the most interesting voices of Italian cultural production, dedicated to the role of the museum within social power dynamics, but also to the adoption of participatory processes in relation to the field and with the community To promote a more inclusive, participatory and democratic approach to culture and history.

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