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The Moon Days Series, made from the 550, 580, 9060 and Fresh Foam x More Trail v3, is the first “how would shoes look after walking on another planet?” Inspired by The atmosphere of being in a space adventure. Adopt the Moon Days series right away, and join hands with New Balance to explore the endless moon.

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The New Balance Moon Days Series shoes released this time include the 550, 580, 9060 and the Fresh Foam x More Trail V3 Classic shoes. To celebrate the historical significance of gray to the brand, the Moon Days series uses gray as a base color, creating a multi-faceted aesthetic of different gray tones. Starting with the exploration and imagery of the moon, it uses New Balance’s classic ancestor gray as a link, complemented by matching moonlit night blue. Cool blue tones complement the textured leather design, and the shoe body is adorned with vintage and worn details that echo the steps and footprints of walking the moon, and a fantasy of exploration with Moon Days starts the journey.

new Balance

Left to right: Moon Days 550, 580, 9060, Fresh Foam x More Trail v3

new Balance

The New Balance Moon Days series will be officially released on June 9, 2023 through New Balance’s official channels and cooperative channels. The Moon Days 550 and 580 have a launch price of 999 yuan, and the Moon Days 9060 has a launch price of 1,199 yuan. The launch price of Moon Days Fresh Foam X More Trail V3 is 1,299 yuan, so stay tuned.

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