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(Reporter Zhuo Yuzhen from Taipei)The Northeast Corner of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications and the Yilan Coastal National Scenic Area Management Office, the Taiwan Ecotourism Association, and Tucheng Farm, which just won the International Ecotourism Award, jointly launched two – Day One-Night “Ecotourism Package Tour: Unboxing” Northeast Corner Tourism Sustainable ESG Welcome everyone to Unbox!

At the first Asia Ecotourism Alliance International Ecotourism Awards ceremony held in the Philippines on April 1, the Northeast Corner Management Office, Taiwan Ecotourism Association and Tucheng Farm won the awards for tourism destination governance, environmental leadership and most itineraries, respectively. Best innovation and other awards, it is a bright representative of Taiwan’s eco-tourism industry. To further promote ecotourism, the three award-winning units actively decided to work together to launch an “Ecotourism Package Tour: Unboxing the Northeast Corner Tourism Sustainable ESG (ESG Discovery Tour)” , combines the advantages of major tourists. Experience the most beautiful mountain and sea scenery in Taiwan in an ecologically sustainable resort.

Zhuo Zhihong, general manager of Tucheng Farm, said that the content of the newly launched package itinerary is mainly to achieve Tucheng Farm as the main area using natural resources and sustainable development energy to meet the international sustainable tourism criteria ( GSTC) compliant. , Designing flowing experiences in forestry and in the natural environment. In addition, Tucheng Farm also cooperates with surrounding agriculture and fisheries professionals to motivate tourists to participate in ecological reforestation and stream monitoring, and fishing to discuss marine issues and other tourism content. The kitchens of the fishing villages can be used in the villages. This design not only allows tourists to relax physically and mentally, but also allows tourists to understand the local ecological and cultural assets.

Ma Huida, director of the Northeast Corner Management Office, said that in recent years, global tourists have paid more attention to sustainable tourism. The Management Office has followed the International Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC) since 2010 and deepened its tourism construction and management business. It has been selected for the world’s top 100 Green Tourism Destinations for 7 consecutive years. This time, we cooperated with Taiwan Ecotourism Association and Tucheng Farm to launch a two-day, one-night sustainable tour program in line with the ESG concept. Representatives of the Malaysian Friendship and Trade Center, the Indonesian Economic and Trade Representative Office in Taipei, and the Dutch Office in Taiwan were also invited to participate in the trial tour. The program is expected to boost domestic and international tourists while demonstrating the Management Office’s determination to promote sustainable tourism.

The launch of “Ecotourism Package Tour: Unboxing Northeast Corner Tourism Sustainable ESG” integrates the rich ecotourism resources in the northeast corner of Taiwan, promotes the development of local tourism, and has a positive impact on the local economy and society. Northeast Corner Management Office, Taiwan Ecotourism Association and Tucheng Farm hope that the ecotourism package tour will become the first choice of international tourists and corporate groups for sustainable tourism. In the future, we hope to use the same model to promote eco-sustainable tourism in the area under the jurisdiction of the Northeast Corner Management Office.

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