Physical Relationship: Why does she hesitate to have a physical relationship?

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By Manilal

Physical relation: Why do women hesitate to make the last physical relation, know what is the reason to be afraid
Physical relationship : Physical relation is unique in itself. But some women keep shying away from having a physical relationship. In fact, women lose interest easily if it’s the same every time it’s someone new. Boredom is another common problem in a physical relationship and hence there are many ways to deal with it. Let’s know.

One of the important reasons for not having sex is stress. When you are emotionally in a bad state, you are so burdened that you cannot think about anything other than that stress.
bad physical relationship
In some cases, when the man is unable to perform, the women do not get sexual satisfaction, due to which they lose interest. This is a very common problem and many men are unable to accept this issue within themselves.

Pain during intercourse means something is wrong inside the body. This includes pelvic floor dysfunction. Another hormonal change is where testosterone and estrogen levels can cause painful intercourse.
Bad odour
Body odor turns anyone off and that includes women. If you sweat a lot or have bad breath, don’t expect anyone to accept it, no matter how much they love you.
psychological reasons
When there is a lot of anxiety or depression, it directly affects your sex drive.

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