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chatwut wangwual Office of the Director of Health Risk Factor Control Assistance Office of the Health Promotion Foundation (thaihealth) Opening remarks at the project’s press conference “Mindset Maker Hackathon 2023” that ThaiHealth and its partners focus on bringing new science and technology into the many fields called positive psychology ,positive psychology capital) It is an important tool which brings different elements that we all can live and live with hope

“Willpower is a key factor for a person to be able to recover. Regular practice of mental health skills is one of the psychological wisdom that can help boost mental health skills and is supported by a large amount of research from around the world.” Is science of positive psychology It includes 4 aspects of capital: 1. Asha (hope) 2. Belief in one’s own abilities (efficacy) 3. Mental strength (resilience) and 4. Optimism (optimism),” Chatwat said.

'Positive Psychology', The Remedy To Strengthen The Day My Heart Won't

Chatwat further said that aSchool age children and adolescents often have problems with socialization and emotional behavior which can be a result of parental stress whereas working age will have the stress of taking care of the whole family, children, parents. The observation of these conditions is the source of the acceleration. “Vaccine Mind” ThaiHealth and its partners in association with Mindset Maker and Life Education (Thailand) as a specialist organization in positive psychology. Aiming to drive positive psychology platform development projects for people. “mindset builder” aims to develop a set of tools through an online platform that can be accessed by everyone to be able to self-assess and “choose” a method or tool to immunize themselves that best suits their is correct for It also adds content about development. “Positive Psychological Capital” Which can initially be learned to use with yourself and people around you, it aims to have over 60 tools available on the platform by the end of this year. and continue to develop more and more in the future

,mindset builder Apply the concept of positive psychological capital. Develop simple tools for every age group can train themselves and designed in a platform that is easily accessible to everyone. Exercising regularly leads to good physical and mental health, ready for any situation,” Chatwat said.

'Positive Psychology', The Remedy To Strengthen The Day My Heart Won't

Getting to Know “Positive Psychology”

arunchat guruvanich Project Manager and Executive Mindset Maker tells us about the inception of the platform, which is becoming a go-to option for everyone facing difficulties in life.heal yourselfInitially, this is a concept that we want to develop on the first platform, which many countries have already started doing in this form. That’s why we want Thai people to have access to tools to be able to use mental health tools that they can use on their own in their daily lives.

Parma + H Model

Arunchat continued: Parma + H Model Here are 6 key elements that everyone can use to develop positive mental health. PERMA is derived from the universal positive mental health theory invented by Dr. Martin Slipman, where P stands for Positive Emotions, E for Engagement, R for Positive Relationship, Good Relationship, K for Meaning For M, awareness of meaning, value and self-awareness, A for achievement. awareness of every step of life

“Now we add another H, which is health, which is about health, like good sleep, which in general, all these 6 things we already have. Who do you want to train to be strong ? We practice it. It elevates our energy to make us happier overall. There is only more mental growth.” Arun Chat explains

'Positive Psychology', The Remedy To Strengthen The Day My Heart Won't

“Positive thinking” can be changed and practiced.

When positive psychology It is a science that is unfamiliar to Thai people. Created platform I hope this will be a starting point that will help inspire people in the society. Try asking yourself this. What were you happy with in the past?

Arunchat continues to explain that positive psychology is a science that believes in finding solutions to what we are facing or really are. It has origins and is something that can be changed and practiced no matter what your current habits are. We must believe that we can practice and change. Who needs to believe in this matter first

“Key Concepts of Positive Psychology Emotional Management Thought Management It helps us to be more in depth by asking ourselves questions. What else can get us out of our negative feelings? Are there any methods that we have used successfully?” And how do we train it to work well? There is always a choice in positive psychology. And every choice makes us grow. What mindset makers do is have tools or solutions to choose from, as we How do we build relationships? How do we develop relationships with the same people? And how do we maintain long-term relationships? Including returning to adjust relationships with the person we want to reconnect with, How? arunchat said

Arunchat said that one can try to download the tools in the platform and try to adopt them. Take a simple example like building relationships. We can use a tool called Small Talk because this is something that has happened in the post COVID period and is quite a problem. Many people don’t have an opening line to start a conversation with a friend or anyone else. So, you must practice small talk or if you want to maintain a relationship. how can we talk? We never communicated with him. Which can help a simple rhythm become a special rhythm, etc.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life (True)

Ditsakorn Chanashree The owner of the Kiddie TV YouTube channel with over 2.9 million subscribers shares his thoughts on why he is where he is today. People are less happy. This is because one part of the world is changing very fast. can make us feel that we cannot keep up which is another factor that causes unhappiness

“In today’s world, we can’t stop stress. Because there are so many things we can’t even stop, like traffic jam, rainy season, financial problem in stomach, many people can complain and in their heart may feel like i want to go back to being a child because what hurts the most is just falling down and crying. but actually if we just try to change one’s worldview, adjust the mind set to a positive light , then this may not cause us and many others to face.or enter the circle of Depression Which I myself see as a well spoken person today but earlier, everyone told me to talk a lot. Meaning is different. I didn’t dare to speak for a long time until later I started living in an environment where everyone said you speak very well so I started to feel more confident. Develop yourself to make speaking a profession today. ditsakorn said

ditskorn went on to say all we can give positive energy Give yourself and those around you. From experience as a media person, most of the things people are interested in today are simple things. It is not difficult for them. People stop watching TV and play on their mobile phones. Or use more social media media, now that there is tiktok, people like short stories more. Just a 30 second clip can make people laugh or get emotional. If you look at the Mindset Maker platform, you will find accessible presentations and communication. Everyone can study it and use it to try themselves.

Arunchat said one thing is lacking in our society is we lack tools which are ready to use or which are easily available to all. There are times when we need to improve our mental health. That’s a lot of steps. We may need to find information. Expert advice. So design the platform. positive psychology Of mindset builder Hence focusing on convenience and ease whether it is easy access, communication and presentation which require visitors to understand with simple techniques.

“The technique, for example, is why do we have to know ourselves? It may be a reflection of your own thoughts about the past. How can we open up to the rhythm of our thoughts? Simple techniques, such as telling people we trust telling them our stories. It’s a review of our behavior by telling others. Because I have to go back and review the different stories we have to compose it to express it. And someone responded positively to listening to us, and It took 15 minutes to do so.” arunchat said

'Positive Psychology', The Remedy To Strengthen The Day My Heart Won't

Mindset Maker Hackathon 2023

For the activities Mindset Maker Hackathon 2023 This time, “Arunchat” said it was an important starting point for networking. And to build a variety of ideas together to develop a positive psychology toolkit. The themes that invite everyone to brainstorm new ideas and innovations are the 6 themes, namely

  1. good mood Develop tools that can help you practice your own positive emotion skills. add good energy to daily life
  2. good mental health Develop tools to practice managing your own thoughts.
  3. good relations Develop activities and everyday interactions that foster positive relationships.
  4. know yourself well Develop tools Activities to practice reflection and give meaning to different experiences. faced in life
  5. great leap Forward Develop the tools to track your own progress, growth and prosperity.
  6. sleep well Develop activities, tools, create an environment for better physical health Start by getting enough sleep.

“Organizing the contest, we want to be open. We want a variety of ideas. We believe that everyone’s life experience is different. If we review this idea more thoroughly we can all 6 How about subjects practicing we’ll see a difference in each pretty shade? It might get a chance to answer a few more questions.” Arunchat reveals the concept

Arunchat further added that the innovation may not be technology or anything too advanced. Just a piece of paper with a set of guideline questions. But it is something that can be used to further target group and deliver more benefits. What we wish were these things to be used more widely. Of course, we wouldn’t have cut and pasted what we already had. But there should be at least one application that is easy to use after the hackathon. mindset builder Will jointly develop other forms of communication including clips and various animations for communication through social media which will be released gradually throughout this year. You can follow the details on Facebook. Android

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