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For him

For him

Concretely expressing the contemporary lifestyle it advocates, fashion and lifestyle brand POUR LUI planned and completed its first concept boutique on April 28, 2023 at L2-02, Parkview Green Shopping Center, Beijing . This and curatorial brand will continue to promote creative presentation.

“Night Sleeping Space” by brand founder and creative director Jumbo Tsui, inspired by Norwegian author Carl Olub’s “Walking in the Dark”, is endowed with a strong and fluid atmosphere: “In the dark, we lose our true visual perception of the world, But at the same time we become more sensitive to sound, smell and touch.

For him

For him

The specific times after going to bed and before going to bed are described as a visible emotional moment, and the subtle relationship between “id” and “emotional defense” is deepened. Stepping into it, you can immediately grasp the overflowing restrained romance, the calmness and depth flowing from the brand’s iconic pure and deep black color, while the red color spreads like a surging wave, continuously pushing the limits of peace. Breaks down and enhances the sensory experience. Visitors are presented with multi-sensory media such as smells, smells, etc., and a calm thought spontaneously arises, and the “self” falls asleep, and the subconscious mind of the “true self” emerges above the water.

ARCHIEE PARIS, an architectural and space design and curatorial firm from Paris, was invited to design the space and multimedia art installations. Head Shen Ruofan used an intense clash of red and black to set the tone for the space. Industrial elements and banquet elements were used in large areas to become decorative symbols to create a contemporary stage effect, which could not help but be intoxicated after several chews.

Pursue® POUR LUI officially launched a full range of products in the “night sleeping space”, including MANNEQUINS ORDER series (luxury fashion and underwear), WAVERIDER series (luxury vacation series), ESSENTIAL DAILY series (high-quality home wear , Light sportswear) and Basics) underwear), Mechanical Gadgets series (limited sales of joint creative products).

As the anchor point to open a new chapter through exquisite and unique space design and product experience, “Night Sleeping Space” comprehensively demonstrates the non-standard capabilities and orientation of the cutting-edge fashion house of POUR LUI. In addition, it will continue to use curatorial thinking to unite with contemporary artists at home and abroad to present various spatial experiences under the theme of “After Bed, Before Sleep”.

For him

For him

About this pursue For him

“Third Person Between You and Me”

pursue For him The brand was established on July 25, 2019. Based on minimalist fashion aesthetics and comfort, the brand has successively launched the ANONYMOUS series and MANIQUINNES order series for men, women, gender-neutral underwear and home products. Then it entered the global fashion luxury platform NET-A-PORTER. At the same time, it has launched several product and brand collaborations with well-known domestic designer buyers, Lane Crawford, Labelhud and Park. In December 2022, the first “Black Label Black Label Limited Space” will be officially opened in Chengdu COSMO Youth Magnetic Field, the curatorial offline retail form will be expanded, and TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE | Floor-to-ceiling sculpture installation to be held at Tsutaya.

pursue For him Focusing on high-end ready-to-wear, fashion accessories, advocating contemporary expression of non-standard artworks, and advocating a civilized and interesting lifestyle. The “LUI” in the brand POUR LUI redefines the concept of gender in French, expanding the vocabulary of attributes to all genders, and no longer intentionally defining the concept of gender. Expressed with high quality and diverse products, it runs through all aspects of contemporary life.

about archie

Under the leadership of leading, French registered architect Shen Ruofan, ARCHIEE gathers architects with international project experience, who are widely involved in architectural and space design projects in China and France. Professional core and background diversity determine that it adheres to a multi-integrated, rigorous and compact. Narrative Logic continually increases the depth and breadth of the possibilities offered by design, from furniture design to iconic urban precincts.

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