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After the first season ends separately but it seems that following the dream is not equivalent to accepting a revenge job to restore justice. Rainbow Taxis then heads to the VIP Taxi Garage. And this time, the issue is the news that tells about the series, able to crush the knot, funny and exciting with two eggs. Interpolated with witty jokes, sold out, good laughs Season 2 Lee Jee Hoon Bhi Nahi I have tried to adjust to a variety of characters. As a result of this large investment, SBS’s “Taxi Driver 2” has achieved the highest ratings in its history episode after episode. If you’re ready for revenge, press the “blue” button to access the Rainbow Taxi service. But if you focus on religion, press the “red” button and I’m sorry… but what are you going to do!Who stays – who is blown away! characters who return to have fun

Many audience favorite characters from the first season also return again in season 2 for revenge, led by “Kim Do Ki” (played by Lee Jae Hoon), a handsome young taxi driver who turns out to be Op. Auntie used to be a Korean special. Force Officer. A stand-up fight with excellent intelligence and realistically studied as Rainbow’s CEO “Jung Sung Sol” or “Director Jang” (played by Kim Eui Sung) A cult leader, a programmer, a young doctor, etc. As everyone plays a role. The man with the taxi horn could be waiting to become a pillar of a very cool secret organization.

As the 3rd pillar of the color team for the first season, “An Ko Yoon” (played by Pyo Ye Jin), a genius hacker who can hack every system and enter every program globally Can do. Go Eun has resigned from the police force to play a female hacker team again with “Choi Kyung Goo” (played by Jang Hyuk Jik) and “Park Jin Non” (played by Bae Yoo Ram). In addition to developing intelligent inventions in engine engineer pair taxis and still playing the role of a field detective to increase the burden, Oh! Help Kim Doki in every mission.

Some of the missing characters this season are: “Prosecutor Kang Ha Na” (played by Asom), however, the scene-stealing goddess “Madame Im” (played by Shim Soo Young) is in love with Kim Do Ki as always. And hatred has returned to both. Plus, it’s selling the laugh that made Dam Im lose his shape because he was totally in love with Kim Do Ki. And a pure evil new character like “On Ha Joon” (played by Shin Jae Ha, famous for Crash Course in Romance) that the first EP can see, Eh! How suspicious? But in the middle of the story the real body was revealed. Young On Ha Joon goes undercover as a VIP taxi driver for some secret plan… She’s such an evil mom!

Collection of outstanding cases on international issues Send a strong rating beating all channels!

Returning to the head writer’s seat for season 2 of “Oh Sang Ho” (episode 11-16 after changing the writing team in the first season) adapted the story from the webtoon 모범택시 (Mob Ometeki), made it elegant, Can go, worth following. Including the cast and directors Lee Dan (drama Our Baywatch Summer) and Jang Yeok Suk. As a result, the ratings for several episodes of season 2 set records for the highest nationwide viewership according to a survey by Nielsen Korea, and achieved the highest final ratings in 2023 (April 16).

The season has just started and it is on. To welcome Oppa’s release from prison, Kim takes a job in Do’s prison to take revenge on criminals. While on a mission to welcome C VIP Taxi Job back in style, this season has taken up modern issues such as gambling websites that dupe young home engineers to illegal labor abroad. Would not dream of using. as well as creating an illegal gambling website (similar to a call center gang), as well as one of K-pop’s most scandalous cases of 2018–2019, “Burning Sun”, involving famous K-pop stars and the police.

Season 2 also features criminal gangs who make a living by duping elderly people living alone. Let them love and cherish Before I knew it again, I was overwhelmed by criminals until I lost my property. Including the famous case of brainwashing inspired by the true story of “Manmin Church” (Manmin), where the priest declared himself able to cure all kinds of diseases.

The cult in the series was founded by some scammers who have no faith in religion. But living with faith and the patient’s last hope this troubles Kim Do Ki and Director Jang who must turn to mediums and vengeful spirits. With a quality team that creates a haunting episode that is mildly terrifying, having said that many true stories told in this series, when I watched it, I couldn’t help but cry! not on my mind at all

Rainbow Taxi Illegal Justice Advocates

Anyone who has seen the first season of Taxi Driver will understand this. This is why director Zhang had to create a high-quality revenge team because it cannot be overshadowed by the brutal stories that happen to the victims in various cases. The first season brings 7 true stories to Korea to invite people to have fun and fantasize. If there were no superheroes like Marvel and DC Universe. We have a Rainbow Taxi team that supports justice. And take back the criminal’s eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, get well!

The flip side of the audience’s inability to deal with the various lawsuits. What happened in the real world is not affected even by the pressure of social authority. In the end, dark influences and the Invisible Hand still dominated on the right. As a result, the content in Taxi Driver has become a gratification that many people want to have a hero who will retaliate against criminals through illegal means. and represents morality—morality that is becoming increasingly rare in today’s society

But the series adds intensity. Where there is good, there must also be evil that lurks in dark corners. While the Rainbow Taxi team is committed to a mission of revenge. Ha Joon, on the other hand, was wearing them, watching his every move. Also preparing a secret plan to reply but Kim Do Ki will stink. Who came out of Onhajun? Should get a chance to win the series. Watch all 16 episodes of Taxi Driver 2 now on VIU.

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