Revolt of the team: the work of the border forest farm is paralyzed – Chernihiv region

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A “forestry struggle” is in full swing in the Novgorod-Siversky district bordering the aggressor country. Since May 9, the work of the branch “Novgorod-Siver Forestry” has been practically paralyzed.

due to the appointment of Oleksandr Demchenko as director of the branch. The order for his appointment was issued to the SE “Forests of Ukraine”, and Vitaly Ignachenko, a representative of the Northern Forestry Office of the SE “Forests of Ukraine”, came to represent Demchenko. In the morning, employees of the branch blocked the entrance to the company’s office and publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the personnel appointment, as well as announced public distrust of Alexander Demchenko. Earlier, more than 300 employees of the branch signed an appeal to the management of the industry with a demand to retain Sarhi Jaats as the current director.

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Foresters of Semenov Oblast and Novgorod-Siver Oblast associate disagreements with the style and management approach of Alexander Demchenko with the relevant personnel decision of the Collective State Enterprise “Lisa Ukrainy”.

In the appeal, in particular, it is noted that in the previous positions of director of the state-owned enterprise “Kholminsky Forest Farm” and head of the Chernihiv OULMG, Demchenko characterized himself as “dictator with transition from normal” Revealed. Atrocity. Dismissal of employees, humiliation and name-calling, humiliation of subordinates, sending permanent inspections by law enforcement agencies, which did not lead to any results and reduced efficiency in work – this is Demchenko’s management style.

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In turn, Alexander Demchenko said that the campaign against him was organized by interested parties, the state of the enterprise is not at the proper economic level, and he is ready to make an understanding with the employees of the branch.

At the same time, the team categorically refused to work under the leadership of Demchenko and demanded the reinstatement of Zayts.

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