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Rose exhibition will be held in the upcoming holiday

The Shanghai Rose Exhibition is underway at the Chenshan Botanical Garden in Songjiang District.

The exhibit is divided into four main areas, starting from the entrance at Gate 1 to Rose Island, along the Main Street, through the Sea of ​​Flowers at Gate 3, and ending at the Aerial Rose Garden at Gate 2.

At the entrance of Gate 1, a bouquet-shaped installation about 3 meters high, created with 3D printing technology, is displayed with pink and purple flowers and ornamental grasses to create a romantic ambiance complemented by the vibrant and colorful rose theme. Is.

Within the exhibition area of ​​approximately 6,000 square meters of Rose Island, a garden of more than 600 varieties of roses is displayed.

In the area around Gate 3, thousands of meters of vine roses, mainly “Angela”, form a wall of flowers throughout May.

With the Aerial Rose Garden as the base, more than 25,000 square meters of flower beds display more than 500 varieties of roses.

During the exhibition, a series of themed activities such as park parades, camping seasons (weekends and holidays during the exhibition) and horticulture lectures are held to promote China’s rose culture to the world. Meanwhile, a rose-themed science activity will be conducted during weekends and holidays.

Date: Through May 21

Address: 3888 Chenhua Highway

No. 3888, Chenhua Highway

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