Shades of shawls preferred by fashion experts for veiled women – Fuchsia

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With the variety of veil color options and the emergence of many trendy and patterned models that are in sync with international fashion, many veiled women find it difficult to choose the right color for their look.

However, according to fashion experts, there are some basic shawl colors that every woman should wear. Because they are easy to coordinate and match different looks.

white veil

White is one of those basic colors that looks good with many outfits, whether formal or casual. Experts recommend a white cotton veil with casuals and a white satin veil with formals.

Many fashionistas embraced the white veil with their looks, such as Hanin Al-Saifee, Marmar Muhammad and Dalal Al-Douab.

dalal al dub

oil slick

For an elegant and trendy look, try opting for a veil in olive or dark green, which will add a touch of sophistication to your look. This color suits all skin tones, apart from being perfect with traditional, classic and even modern. Seems like

rabi oats

black Veil

Many women choose to adopt a black veil as part of their winter look, as it is not very popular in the spring and summer season, but you can wear it with patterned and colorful pieces, and wear it in a variety of colors. Can also be adopted together. such as fuchsia, green and blue, and patterns that mix multiple colors.

Mary, Lion of God

gray veil

Gray is one of the hijab colors that should be present in the wardrobe of any veiled woman. It is a neutral color that goes well with all fabrics and colors, be it white, black and navy, as well as bright and non-traditional colors such as yellow, turquoise, red and orange.

Jamal Najda

beige veil;

Beige bags and shoes are basic accessories in every woman’s wardrobe, as should a beige hijab, as it is a classic and elegant color that goes with all looks, and you can wear one to enhance your appearance, especially in spring and summer. You can take help of this. season’s.

Leena Asad

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