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By Manilal

In terms of eating and drinking, there are two types of people in the world, vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Vegetarian says with great pride that he is vegetarian, but look a little carefully, how many vegetables are there in his plate. His plate is full of grains. Accordingly, they are not VEGETARIAN but GRAINTARIAN. So let’s make such a business today in which vegetarian people will be made to taste vegetables.


Will not sell vegetables here but will sell VEGETABLE JUICE, VEGETABLE SOUP, VEGETABLE DISHES, RAW VEGETABLES and VEGETABLE SALAD etc. Our purity, organic vegetables, taste will attract people. With each plate, when customers will also get written that what is going to benefit their body by consuming this plate, many customers will become regular.

How much capital will be required, how much will be earned

There is a one time investment of around Rs 2 lakh in this business. Some machines will have to be bought and the crockery should also be such that it will give green feeling to the customers. Hygiene means purity will be its identity. Therefore, some investment will also be required in this, but the working capital will be very less and the gross profit margin is at least 100%. After deducting all expenses, 50% net profit margin is comfortably saved.

But there are some things that you have to do, and these things will not only give you success but also help you to make a complete chain of 1 to 10 corners.

do your research

Please research your area. Find out if there is any competition. Find out about customers. The placement of our corner should be where health sensitive people live. Remember that cereals are only suitable for people doing manual labor. They do not understand the importance of vegetables. People who do work related to intelligence. Who are sensitive to their intellectual development. who want to achieve success. Such people can be your best customers.

obtain the necessary licenses and permits

Please inquire about government licenses and permits before starting your business. Also find out how long it takes and how much it costs to get licenses and permits etc. in your area.

build a strong team

Before starting your business, finalize your strong team at the planning stage itself. At the time of team selection, it is important to see how their past performance is and how much experience they have. Just because someone says he can, doesn’t mean he can.

market your business

People can be told for free on social media but target marketing is very expensive. That’s why it is very important to study it. Listing of your business on the internet is also necessary and your location should also be visible on Google Map. Remember that both your money and your time are valuable. Spend them wisely and at the right places. Information: This is a copyright protected post. Do not try to duplicate this article)

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