Supercat recruits Class 6 of ‘Supercat.Academy’ to nurture recruiting talent

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Provided by Super Cat.

Provided by Super Cat.

(OSEN = Reporter Lim Jae-hyung) SuperCat is recruiting the 6th applicant for ‘SuperCat.Academy’, a talent training program linked to recruitment.On the 16th, Supercat announced that it is recruiting for the sixth grade of the recruitment linked education program ‘Supercat.Academy (SDA)’. ‘SDA’ is a practical competency-oriented education program run directly by SUPERCAT with the goal of fostering outstanding talent in the art business. With a systematic work-based curriculum, specialized exercises, and instructors made up of Field Dot Art, Game Dot Art has established itself as a talent training program that represents the games industry, with students each semester high gets satisfaction.

The ‘SDA’, comprising a total of 12 weeks training course, includes basic and advanced courses in theory such as Basics of Design, Basics of Color and Color Composition, Basics and Uses of Animation, Materials and Textures, Practi- based practice tasks, and a feedback-oriented mentoring phase. Applications can be received on the ‘SDA’ site until 29 May, and you can submit applications along with your free-form work. Later, the final successful candidates will be announced after document evaluation and personal interview.

The 6th training will be held from June 19 to September 8 at the SuperCat Headquarters located in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si. The training courses are completely free, and you can enjoy various benefits such as open learning space and equipment provided, and unlimited access to the in-house cafe and convenience store.

Notably, SUPERCAT provides regular employment opportunities to those who have completed ‘SDA’ with excellent grades. So far, more than 70% of the season’s average number of people have been recruited from SuperCat, its subsidiaries and related companies, and are involved in the game’s development in various projects such as ‘The Country of the Wind: Yon’. ‘Hwanseichwihojeon Online’, and ‘Project G’, are participating

“Thanks to graduates with high potential and passion who have grown into good dot talents, SDA was able to continue until the 6th grade,” said Park Jin-woo, head of the animation department at SuperCat. We ask for a lot of support from those who want to learn. /

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