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To welcome the United Nations’ fourth “International Tea Day” on May 21, 2023, the Dongpo tea banquet event of “Li Mu Tianxiang · A Thousand Miles of Changjuan” was held in Beijing on May 19. More than forty ambassadors, ministers and diplomatic representatives of embassies in China, former Chinese diplomatic envoys overseas, representatives of government, international chambers of commerce, experts and scholars, famous artists and other guests as a medium to taste the fragrance of tea. Gathered as and share the charm and aroma of tea culture.

The event is hosted by Hainan Limushan Agarwood Tea Culture Co., Ltd., and organized by Hainan Guexin Cultural & Creative Co., Ltd. Guidance units include the Hainan Su Xue Research Association and the Hainan Health Tourism Association. The tea posts used in the event are all created and drawn by the artists themselves. Every look is charm, and the beauty of traditional Chinese culture is everywhere. During the banquet, Tang Renjiang’s restored National Treasure Oil Drop Tianmu Cup was specially used as a tea ceremony vessel, giving people a sense of peace and tranquility in the moving, intoxicating and beautiful. Both Chinese and foreign guests praised the unique form of the event, which is rich in cultural connotations, and featured exchanges and experiences, which enabled diplomats to have a deeper understanding of Chinese traditional culture.

The event fully implemented the previously proposed “International Tea Day” to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the global tea industry, deepen the integration and mutual learning of tea culture, encourage more people to enjoy tea. Told about, loved tea, enjoyed tea’s fragrance and charm, and share a better life concept. At the beginning of the event, teacher Jing Shanyuan, an artist who inherited traditional Chinese culture and music for health protection, performed the song “Seven Bowls of Tea” (a tea poem written by the Tang Dynasty poet Lu Tong) on ​​the spot Did. The guests were introduced to the beautiful Chinese tea ceremony culture – the seven different tea making methods, as well as tea master Jingxian explaining Mr. Dongpo’s seven tea poems at different stages of life, tea to people in different regions Expressed following in. The wife of the Nigerian Ambassador to China, the President of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in China and other guests came on stage to personally experience the charm of ordering Chinese tea.

At the event site, Chinese and foreign guests tasted agarwood tea together to experience life and tea culture. The reprinted version of Jitu and the on-site painting of Dongpo’s descendants seem to travel through time and space. In a unique way, the event allowed Chinese and foreign guests to feel the depth of Chinese tea culture and the charm of Dongpo culture.

Mr. Su Chan, a 31st generation descendant of the great freehand brushwork painter of Su Dongpo, created a postcard with the theme of “Dongpo and Li Mu Tianxiang Tea Totem Yang Bird” for the event and as a gift to give tea to the guests presented. The aroma of this tea party will remain forever in our hearts as unforgettable memories.

During the book of the program and tea presentation ceremony, Zhou Wenzhong, former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador to the United States and Secretary-General of the Boao Forum for Asia, played a short video expressing his warm congratulations for this year’s UN . International Tea Day” series of activities, and the book “My Boao Eight Years” signed by Ambassador Zhou was presented to the guests. The organizer Hainan Limu Mountain Agarwood Tea Culture Co., Ltd. presented the guests from Limu Tianjin Embassy Presented gifts, and signed a joint agreement with Meishan Dongpo Songcheng Tourism Culture Development Co., Ltd. and Hainan Kangyang Tourism Association to make “Limu Tianjiang” strategic cooperation between Dongpo tea and Hainan Kangyang partner gift health agarwood tea.

Tea and the world Share a cup of Chinese tea to connect the world

Tea and the world Share a cup of Chinese tea to connect the world

Hainan Limu Mountain Agarwood Tea Culture Co., Ltd. is not only committed to inheriting the culture of the Chinese nation, but also concerned about the revitalization of the countryside by using the agarwood tea industry to drive local economic development. Indigenous culture has made a huge contribution. The company will take this “International Tea Day” event as an opportunity to devote itself to promoting Chinese tea culture to the world, so that people all over the world can share the long history of Chinese tea.

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