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Works can be submitted till April 13, 2023, APLunch IAB MIXX Awards 2023 will be publicly presented 18th house during the award ceremony within the conference Digital Day.

MIXX AWARDS EXTENDS DEADLINE The deadline for submission of works for 2 MIXX Awards 2023 has been extendedthe main topic digital day 2023 conference is for a better web Within which we will address a new and better Internet, where users are in control of their data, privacy is respected, and digital experiences are designed to enhance lives, not exploit them.

for a better web This is a call to action for all of us to participate in this movement to change the narrative. It is a reminder that the Internet is not a fixed entity, but an ever-evolving ecosystem that we have the power to influence and shape. By supporting ethical tech companies, adopting decentralized technologies, and advocating for policies that protect our digital rights, we can create a better network for ourselves and for generations to come.

IAB MIXX Awards (Marketing and Interactive Excellence Award) This year it has lost some old categories and gained six new categories: Employer Branding, Tik Tok, Social Good, Viral, Publisher Project, Digital Communication Inside Government, international and non-profit organizations. Also, all the categories are refreshed when it comes to the details and criteria.

As in previous years, works may be submitted in one or more categories, according to the goals of the campaign or project, and you can read the rules here.

One award is given in each category, and the jury will determine the winner with their evaluation for the following 17 categories:

  • brand advertising,
  • cross media integration,
  • innovation,
  • e-commerce,
  • product launch,
  • community building,
  • video ads,
  • Satisfied,
  • Effectiveness,
  • Influencer Marketing;
  • social media;
  • employer branding;
  • viral;
  • TIC Toc;
  • social good;
  • Publisher Project;
  • Digital communication within government, international and non-profit organizations

For IAB MIXX Grand Prix, The most prestigious prize of the competition, the winning works from all categories will compete, while the winner of the Grand Prix will be decided by an expert jury by secret ballot on the day of the award ceremony itself. The company that wins the Grand Prix has the possibility to nominate a member of the expert jury for the next IAB MIXX Awards Serbia competition.

The expert jury, regional this year and the largest ever, will include: Jury President – Goran Jankulovski, Management Partner/Project Management – Ziska, Elena Tenzera, Group Account Director – DRIVE, Natalija Korbic, Strategic Planner – Pioniri Communications, Jan Savić Rastovac, Executive Creative Director – McCann Belgrade, Stefan Gajić, Creative Lead & Art Director – Direct Media United Solutions, Milena Maksic, Digital Director – Ovation BBDO, Vlatko Mladenović, Executive Creative Director – Polet Grupa, Milena Đorić Gudurić, Marketing Director – MasterCard, Martina Petrović, Head of Corporate Communications – Lidl Serbia, Milan Perić, Marketing and Communications Director- Carlsberg Serbia Group, Andrej Kugonic, Head of Marketing- Nordius, Ivona Marinković, Senior Product Manager- L’Oreal, Daniel Fazlić, SE Europe Countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia, Đorđe Janković , Managing Partner and Creative Director – Friday End, Nađa Jokanović, Executive Director and Co-Founder, WANNABE Magazine, Kristina Ilić, Creative Strategy Lead – DeGordian.

MIXX Awards has been organized by IAB Serbia since 2016 as the only globally recognized award for the best achievements in the digital industry.

We invite all interested parties to inform us about the prize rules on

IAB Serbia

Interactive Advertising Bureau – IAB Serbia is an association founded in 2009 with the aim of actively supporting the development, growth and education of the digital and interactive marketing market in Serbia. As a member of the global IAB network and IAB Europe, IAB Serbia strives to help media and advertising industry participants thrive in the digital economy. Membership includes over 70 media and digital agencies, publishers, brands and technology firms responsible for the sale, distribution and optimization of digital advertising, as well as other companies that invest their budgets in digital campaigns.

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