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The fun of hanging out with friends or family is something else. On the other hand, planning to travel with a group can be stressful due to differences in ideas, needs, etc. But apps designed for group travel planning can help solve issues related to traveling with a group, as these apps provide a collaborative space in which travel participants can collaborate on activities and add suggestions. and can easily plan the entire travel itinerary.

To help you plan group travel, here are the top 5 apps that you can use to plan your next trip with your friends or family:

Top apps to help plan group travel

The Hoku App is simple and easy to use and can be easily handled by all participants in the journey. and when you start using it to plan group travelAdd the name of the trip, the city or location you’re visiting, and the date of the trip, then send an email invitation to participating travelers.

You can also add multiple activities to the trip, andIn the Explore tab, you will see the names of famous tourist places in your selected city. When choosing a date, click on any of them to add them to your flight schedule. Activities will appear on the home page arranged date wise.

Sigma - Mobile
Message - Mobile

Everyone involved in a group trip can use the app’s built-in chat tool to plan a trip together, and add new activities or delete some of the activities you’ve added. After the final flight schedule is completed, you can share it as a document and send it via email.

The Hoku app is available for free in the App Store for iPhone users and in the Google Play Store for Android users.

2- Mitravail App:

Top apps to help plan group travel

MyTravel It is a group travel planning web application where you can create a travel planning board, collaborate with others to add different elements to your joint trip and make polls to make final decisions quickly.

When planning a new trip, you must first add the region or city and travel dates. Then invite a co-traveller to your planning board. And if you go to the Explore tab, you can search and add places you want to visit.

By default, each trip planner has several columns: Transit, Stays, Notes, Attractions, and Foods. You can add a card to any of these columns that contains some information, as each card has a box to add text, and you can also add attachments to the card itself such as: airline tickets or hotel reservations.

When you are traveling with a group of people, there are many decisions that you have to take after consulting the rest of the group, and to facilitate this, you may want to get everyone’s opinion on a particular decision. You can use MiTravel’s built-in survey tool to create a survey, and it is visible to all participants when creating a survey.

3- Apply Circle:

Top apps to help plan group travel

Circle includes a set of features aimed at solving problems that each group may encounter at the planning stage of the trip. After invitees join, they can choose to be classified as (Interested). Willing or (going to) going So that you can definitely differentiate between the participants of the trip and those who have not yet made the final decision to participate.

The Trip Planning Board consists of various sections, namely:

  • Polls: In this section you can create a poll about any trip related decision with multiple choices and then ask the participants of the trip to vote.
  • Date: Add a date and related notes for the trip.
  • Destinations: Select one or more destinations and associate them with the flight dates you’ve added.
  • Lodging: You can add hotel reservations in this section, or add multiple places for others to vote on the best place to stay.
  • Activities: Add multiple activities to the trip by writing an activity description and adding links to websites or a map of the area where the activity will take place. It is possible to choose whether participants can vote on these activities.
  • Itinerary: Create an itinerary based on the dates, destinations and activities you have planned.
  • Note: Add any additional information about the trip that anyone involved in the trip might need to know.

Troupe is available for free for iPhone users on the App Store, and is also available as a web app.

4- Apply Plan Harmony:

web app lets you plan harmony Create multiple trips and invite friends by sharing a link to the trip, and then everyone can collaborate on trip planning.

After selecting the travel dates, a calendar appears on the screen to add all the travel related details. Anyone can add a participant (event) events or (idea) Idea For this calendar, the main difference between them is that the event is something everyone agrees on, and the idea is something the participants will vote on.

When adding an event or idea, you will be asked to choose a specific category to add the event or idea to, such as: (Aviation) flight, and (housing) and others. After selecting the category, you will be asked to add details about the event or idea as per the category you have selected, for example: If you select the category (Aviation) then you have to add the flight number. flight. You can also add notes and descriptions, custom colors for the event or idea, set a date for the event, and add costs.

Cost tracking is essential when planning a group trip, and Plan Harmony makes it easy by allowing you to add costs for each event, and provides a budget dashboard that details all expenses.

5- Apply mobile:

When adding a new flight to the application mobile You will find three categories: (Travel) travel, and (residence) lodging, and (activity) action, In each of them, you can add different details such as: departure and arrival times, reservation numbers, links to a specific activity, pictures of different areas to visit, or screenshots of reservations. And any items you add can be classified as (private). Personal, or (general) public,

Application included mobily on Split feature for budget tracking. You can add any expense, adding a note about the amount paid and what it was for, the currency, when and by whom it was paid, and which participants will split the expenses among themselves. If you wish, the expenses can also be made private. As you continue to add expenses, the entire account will appear in the Overview tab. The app also has a built-in group chat tool to discuss group travel plans.

Any notes related to the trip can be added in the Notes tab. In the Compare tab, you can check various details added by participants to quickly compare things like arrival and departure times suggested by others.

The Mobili application is available for free in the App Store for iPhone users and in the Google Play Store for Android users.

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