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The Ministry of Health identifies the types of instant noodles that were not imported into Qatar, and the rest are subject to strict control procedures

April 30, 2023, 05:15 pm


Doha – Destination of the East

Today, on Sunday, the Ministry of Public Health said in a statement that in the context of what has been circulated regarding the recall of instant vermicelli products by some countries, concerns have been raised about the high levels of ethylene oxide in these products. permissible limit, the ministry clarified through its official Twitter account:

This is in respect of Ah Lai White Curry Instant Noodles originating in Malaysia and Indomi’s Ayam Special (Chicken Special) Instant Noodles originating in Indonesia that these above mentioned products were not imported into the State of Qatar, and that Such products are subject to technical control procedures at the port of arrival which include virtual identification and laboratory analysis according to the risk level specified in the electronic system (VATHIC).

The ministry said it has taken additional precautionary measures in this regard, including issuing a circular to outlets that it is mandatory to attach a certificate of analysis to prove that any shipment of instant noodles is free from ethylene oxide, Regardless of the country of origin. , and these measures are valid until further notice is issued by the Ministry of Public Health.

It is noteworthy that ethylene oxide is a chemical gas that is used as an insecticide. It is also used as an active ingredient in detergents. It is not allowed to be used on surfaces that come in contact with food. International regulations specify its permissible percentage. As residues in food, similar to other types of pesticides and other pollutants.

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