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Pants occupy a relatively large part of the women’s wardrobe. It wasn’t long before a woman was getting a lot of negative attention for simply daring to wear pants. But today, women have a wide variety of styles to choose from. Thanks partly to the few women who broke down barriers by wearing pants, and also to the designers who created them in the first place.

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historical overview

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Throughout history, women have worn skirts and dresses in place of pants. With the advent of the New Look era in the 20th century, women’s trousers became more and more popular. After the multiple cut became popular, in 1911 the French designer Poiret launched his wide skirt-like pant, the jupe-culotte. In World War II, women took the jobs of male factory workers, and wore their husband’s or father’s trousers while working. In the fifties, movie stars wore elegant trousers, called leggings, similar to those of Audrey Hepburn. As for jeans, by the seventies it had become ubiquitous for all women everywhere.

We advise you to familiarize yourself with these tips for choosing summer 2023 fashion pants according to body type

pant style
types of pants for women

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bush pants

Loose fit straight leg pants. These trousers have two large pockets, one on the front of each thigh, although some designs may have additional pockets elsewhere. Shorts are called safari pants.

capri pants

Capri also known as shorts are always in style. Sonja de Lennart designed her first pair of Capris in 1948, naming them after her favorite vacation spot: Capri, Italy. Capri pants became mainstream in the 1950s thanks to stars like Mary Tyler Moore, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and more…

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The capri pants are in mid-calf cut. This means they are great for hot weather. And because they come in different designs and patterns, you can easily choose a pair that flatters your curves.

Capris can also be made from many different materials, including denim, nylon, cotton, and polyester, but since they are always worn in a casual setting, they are rarely made from a dressier material.

cigarette pants

Cigarette pants, also known as leggings, became one of the staple looks during the 1950s. They were proudly worn by celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and Mary Tyler Moore. Soon every woman wanted to do the same. Cigarette pants are high-waisted, with slim legs, down to the ankles.

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disco pants

Disco pants made a comeback between 2000 and 2010, and they are not an entirely new style of pants, but rather a different type of outfit. They are slim, high-waisted leather pants that hug the body perfectly till the ankles.

It is also usually made of shiny fabric. We can see it usually available in black, but disco pants also come in a wide range of sparkly and metallic shades. I call these pants disco, because they’re fit for the ’70s.

high-rise pants

These high-waist pants are also known as mom jeans. This story didn’t look sexy, feminine. However, adapting this style to modern trends has resulted in a very elegant and flattering look, especially since it has a narrower fit at the waist and helps flatten the lower abdomen.

We suggest you follow these tips to choose summer 2023 fashion according to body type

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hip huggers

These are slim-fitting hip pants, also known as low-rise pants or just hip-hugging pants. It has been considered an exotic look for decades, and predictions are that it is not going away anytime soon. In fact, hip huggers became a hot look for women in the 1960s when fashion became more liberal.

hot tips

Often, leggings are designed with a wide slit in the leg, and are designed to fit around the hips rather than the waist.


Leggings have been a major player in fashion over the past few decades, but the style’s roots go back much further. Leggings originated in the fourteenth century, when very tight pants were common in men’s fashion at the time. Fast forward to the 1960s, and leggings became a trendy piece of women’s fashion. The advent of workouts in the 1980s made leggings a must. Leggings have made their way out of the gym and onto the popular fashion scene.

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Leggings are very tight and are usually made of fabrics such as cotton or lycra. Most of the time, leggings look best with an oversized flowing top and are definitely a go-to piece for casual occasions.

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palazzo pants

Palazzo pants played an essential role in women’s clothing, especially among women active in feminist movements, and following the evolutionary pattern of these pants, they are considered classics today. Palazzo pants were worn by early fashionistas in the 1930s. Perhaps the most famous is Coco Chanel. And no one could stop the trend from emerging in the 1960s, when the feminist movement entered the public consciousness and women began to change everything related to fashion.

hot tips

Palazzo is also known as wide-legged trousers, and it extends below the hip, and the legs can be very wide and wide.

These pants are usually very loose. And it’s made from wrinkle-free fabric.

elephant foot

Or elephant leg pants, that is, very wide at the bottom. This design is famous for its narrow waist and knees that aren’t wide, and it gradually tapers down into a very voluminous, flared style. These shorts were quite popular in the 90s.

hot tips

  • With these pants, it is not appropriate to coordinate a short, narrow and wide blouse.
  • It is also suitable for very high heels, regardless of the variety of its shape, whether it is thin or platform.

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