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                       tourist places |  There is a cottage in the lap of the hill, it will fill your mind                        </p><div>
                            <p><strong>Kolkata:</strong> In words, it is under the feet of the Bengali.  Be it winter, summer or monsoon, a little break is needed.  He packed his bags and left for an unknown destination.  However, there was a time when Bengalis only thought of Darjeeling as a mountain.  But with the passage of time, the inclination of people has become more towards moving out of the way.  Instead of familiar busy places, unknown serene surroundings are chosen as suitable destinations for a holiday.  In such a situation, you can come back from Jhepi near Bijanbari.

Darjeeling district on one side and Jorhang in Sikkim is situated at the confluence of these two. Jhepi is a quaint little village wrapped in greenery, quietly hidden in the hills. The name may not be so cute but this hill girl is very beautiful in appearance. Nature has created havoc here. If you want to spend a few days in complete silence, then Jhepi is the perfect place.

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This Jhepi is situated at a distance of 35 km from Darjeeling. Although it would be wrong to call this village a hill village. There is a farm house at the foot of Jhepi hill. The name of the farm house located in Jhepi is Chetna. Step inside this farmhouse and you won’t miss Cronkite’s town. There will be a chance to understand the lifestyle of people living in remote villages of the mountains. Then only Rangit’s voice will be heard passing by the farm house. Color is not dry here. But it flows over the rocks with the sound of the stream. If you want, you can bathe in this color after catching fish. Along with the sound of colours, you will also hear the chirping of birds.

when will you go It will be good here from April to June. Many people go to Jhepi from September to December. But Jhepi has a different charm during the rainy season. Look around from the balcony of the homestay. Light rain. In the middle it is green and green. Tea plantations spread across the horizon. There is an ancient temple nearby here. A small temple at the foot of the hill. There is nobody around. A deserted hill temple. You can reach the temple by trekking for ten minutes from Jhepi. The idols of Shiva, Ganesh, Hanumanji are different in this secluded place.

how to go If you drive from Darjeeling, it will take you at most one and a half hour. However, the car can be hired for around Rs.5000. And the distance from New Jalpaiguri to Jhepi is 115 km. It will take about 5 hours to go.


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