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The Thai capital, Bangkok, offers much to see and do, including natural attractions, theatrical performances, and a rich cultural and religious heritage. A whole week might not be enough for you to see the sights of this mysterious city, but if you only have a few days to visit Bangkok, we offer you tourist events in bangkok Spanning three days, it covers the most important attractions you shouldn’t miss before leaving for one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands.

– Day 1:

On your first day in Bangkok, we offer you this tour that helps you start exploring this huge city, and begins with a visit to the most important palace in Bangkok, which is “Grand Palace” which was built as a royal residence, and then saw many additions over the years, the most important of which “Temple of the Emerald Buddha”then we will go to the famous thai massage school “what po”,

Tourist Program in Bangkok - The Grand Palace

can go after lunchChao Phraya RiverTo take a longboat ride along the river and see Bangkok from a different angle, then go backwater channel In Thonburi, where there is a traditional Thai way of life, and after getting off the boat, we recommend you take the ferry across the river “Wat Arun” This is one of the most famous temples in Bangkok, and you can get a panoramic view when you go to the top of the temple. chow frya,

Tourist Program in Bangkok - Chao Phraya River

After the Grand Palace, Temple of Emerald Buddha, Wat Po Massage School, Chao Phraya River Tour, Backwater Canal and Wat Arun Temple, you have one final destination to visit on your first day which is “Chinatown” Or chinatown, where you can take a walking tour and see the golden Buddha statue, and at the end of this long and enjoyable day you can return to your hotel for dinner and prepare for another day’s tour, or a tour of the city and its gins. Can’t sleep in the streets.

Bangkok - Tourist Program in China Town District

– the second day:

Try to start your second day early, head out around seven and visit one of the most exciting areas of Bangkok “Damnoon Al Saduq Floating Market” Which offers the most enjoyable shopping experience ever, with narrow canals lined with long boats and vendors displaying their fresh produce.

Tourist Event in Bangkok - Damnoon Saduak Floating Market

After visiting Damnoon Al Saduq Floating Market, we suggest that you have another tour based on boats, but this one is far away from the hustle and bustle of the markets, and during this day you will have to travel 53 km north You can travel long distances by car in the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Ayuthaya”you can stop on the way “summer Palace” In Bang Ba, which is characterized by a mix of Thai, Chinese and Gothic architecture, and when you reach your destination, Ayutthaya city, you will be dazzled by the many interesting temples and ruins of Ayutthaya.

Tourist Program in Bangkok - Ayutthaya

After such a long day, why not have a romantic dinner, especially if you are on your honeymoon? You deserve to dine on a luxury yacht with an amazing view of Bangkok’s temples along the Chao Phraya River. If you wish, a dinner cruise. “Cruz Banyan Tree” Pass by famous sites including Wat Arun.

Tourist Program in Bangkok - Banyan Tree Cruise

– On the third day:

You can spend your last day in Bangkok at one of the city’s most prominent entertainment venues, and we recommend you to choose between Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World or Dream World, especially if you want a tourist program in Bangkok are suitable for children.

prepare Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World One of the largest underground aquariums in Southeast Asia, it houses over 30,000 sea creatures brought from all over the world.

Tourist Events in Bangkok - Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

related to “Dream World” Or dream world It is a huge amusement park, which includes many recreational games in its four lands, and includes gardens with stunning landscapes, legendary palaces, and other interesting attractions.

Tours in Bangkok - Dreamland

We discussed about a tourist event in Bangkok

Do you think three days are not enough to visit Bangkok? If you have traveled to the city before, tell us your experience with the city, or tell us about the destinations you recommend our followers to visit while planning a tourist itinerary in Bangkok, leave your comment below Comment

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