Travel Tips: This place of Uttarakhand will settle in your heart and mind

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By Manilal

Internet Desk. It has been almost two months since the beginning of summer and with that now the summer season is getting more and more intense, in such a situation, if you are also planning to go out with the family in this season, then you should Must do. In such a situation, we are telling you where you can be.

You can go to Uttarakhand in this journey. You will love this place very much. You must head to Lansdowne in this Uttarakhand trip. This place is very famous for its beauty and nature. This place is known for the peace that resides here.

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Well this is a military area. But it is situated at an altitude of 5670 feet above sea level. You will get to see many beautiful views here. Here you can see the view of the church, artificial lake, sunrise and sunset and at the same time feel the peace.

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