Tunisia: human chain of solidarity on the beaches of Hammamet-Babnet

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By Manilal

Tap – About 10,000 tourists staying in a hundred hotels in Hammamet (Nabbul Governorate) took part in a “human chain for peace”, more than 15 kilometers from the beaches of this seaside resort.
For this unique series of solidarity with Tunisia, since the revolution, thousands of tourists line up, holding hands from Yasmine Hammamet’s beach, through the medina, to reach the city’s amphitheater.
The event attracted the attention of tourists in the area who agreed to participate in the event, forming a human chain waving Tunisian flags, for fifteen minutes to send a message of love and peace to the world and to celebrate their Spending your summer vacations in this country known for welcoming to express happiness.

In this regard, Chabane Basoumi, manager of the Al Firdous Palace Hotel in Hammamet, told TAP agency correspondent that “the purpose of organizing this unique entertainment event on the beaches of Hammamet is to present a different image to the world. Friction .. .An image of Tunisia, the land of encounters, love and peace, of a hospitable Tunisia that welcomes its visitors with love and offers them all the conditions for peace and enjoyment. The idea to be held at the site of the Opera Paris (France) Inspired by a similar operation, he explained, “We tried to realize it so that it would spread on the largest scale in the world through Tunisian and foreign media. , and on social networks, to convey another image of Tunisia as one of the Mediterranean’s favorite tourist destinations and as a land of encounter and enjoyment”.

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