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Umrah prices 2023.. With the coming month of Rajab 2023, many citizens are searching. “Yalla Watch” website. Regarding the prices of Umar Rajab 2023, which separates us from the start of its season by a few days, and it has already started. “Yalla Watch” website. Tourism companies are starting the Umar Rajab 2023 program and opening the doors for their bookings from this month.

Omar prices 2023

The first program includes only one week in Mecca al-Mukarrama.

1. Therefore, a double room: 32,400 pounds to perform Umrah Rajab.

2. Also, a triple room: 30,650 pounds to Omar Rajab.

3. Also, a quadruple room: 29,200 pounds to Omar Rajab.

Prices for Umar Rajab 2022 flights

The second program consists of two weeks, one in Madinah and the other in Mecca.

1. However, a double room: 37,150 pounds to perform Umrah Rajab.

2. Therefore, a triple room: 34,590 pounds to perform Umrah Rajab.

3. Also, a quadruple room: 32,840 pounds to perform Umrah Rajab.

Omar prices 2023

Umrah for Rajab month 2022

The third schedule includes 15 days between Mecca and Medina.

But, double room: £60,270.

Therefore, a triple room: 54,050 pounds to perform Umrah Rajab.

Plus, a quadruple room: £51,190.

Cost of children in Umrah Rajab

Furthermore, the cost of Umrah for an infant from one day to two years old reaches up to £14,190 for performing Umrah Rajab.

Also, the cost of Umrah Rajab for children aged two to 12 years reaches up to £27,390 to perform Umrah Rajab.

In addition, the cost of Ramadan Umrah for children above 12 years of age is equal to the full price per person.

cost of umar rajab 2023

And if any new taxes or controls are added to Umrah pilgrimages by the Saudi authorities. “Yalla Watch” website. Or Egypt is added to the declared price, while the issuance of a visa is included in the declared prices. “Yalla Watch” website. Air tickets and internal transfers by modern, air-conditioned buses, with the presence of an accompanying supervisor during the duration of the trip.

Terms of Omar 2023

1. Therefore, a letter of guarantee starting from 50 to 150 thousand pounds is required as a deposit in the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, as well as one million returned bank checks.

2. In addition, to perform Umar Rajab, the Saudi agent must be approved and the letter of guarantee must be approved.

3. Plus payment of £2800, 2 PCR tests + Corona Insurance.

4. However, paying a £1,000 fee to the Chamber of Tourism companies.

5. Hence, allotting a supervisor for each company, along with updating the Corporate Room Carnet.

6. In addition, disadvantaged companies that do not have quota supervisors.

7. Therefore, Umrah takes place during the months (Rajab, Sha’ban and Ramadan).

8. However, trading in the sale of visas between tourism companies is prohibited, and anyone who violates this will be punished by license cancellation and suspension.

9. Also, the company registers the barcode of the gate with the Saudi agent.

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