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Thai youth team from Bangkok Christian College, Bangkok team members included Mr. Poon Trakultangman Mr. Tipkorn Kwamdi And Sri Pannathorne Siri and is Mr. Chanan Kiatirisart as a consultant can win the biggest prize of the competition “Best Young Scientist Award” The Regeneron Young Scientist Awards, sponsored by Regeneron and the Society for Science, recognize innovative research projects that reflect the rigorous work of young scientists. Using creative and diverse approaches in finding answers to the challenges of the world in the future with a prize of $50,000 (worth over 1.7 million baht)

ready to grab Grand Prize First Place in Animal Science With prize money of $5000 (worth over 170,000 baht) Project “Innovations for optimizing lacewing survival of the lacewing moth (Mallada basalis) from hatching behavior and food selection”In this study, it is assumed that flying-winged elephant shrew larvae are predators with high pest control efficiency. But the main problem faced was the low hatching rate and low survival rate due to self-eating behaviour. Therefore, hatching behavior and food selection behavior were studied to create an innovative hatching technique that could increase the survival rate of clear-winged elephant shrews by up to 5.8 times. The program said, “Development of this winged elephant Meg project I would like to thank the cassava farmers for their positive response to my biological pest control through the use of packaging to increase the survival rate of elephant larvae Am. In addition, we are very happy to help plywood producers in packaging making through the promotion of community enterprises. And reduce the likelihood of wildfires by using fuel from the leaves to create packaging that benefits people. Most importantly, thank you teacher. The Science Society and the staff of NSM are very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this competition. (TYSF)) No. 18

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