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What are the advantages and disadvantages of gossip? (Photo: Getty Images/yakobchuk1)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of gossip? (Photo: Getty Images/yakobchuk1)

Gossip can undermine trust and damage a reputation. In addition, gossip can permanently drive you and your friend apart, get you fired, and cause a host of other problems. permanent program specialist morning at home On the Dim channel, psychologist Natalya Pidlisna told why people gossip, what is the benefit of this activity and whether it is fair for gossipers.

Spreading gossip is generally seen as a harmful, manipulative behavior. Gossip is considered something ugly, indecent, something that can harm a reputation. However, this does not in the least prevent humanity from gossiping with pleasure.

The main reason these people engage in gossip is the desire to help others. That is, we can say that gossip in some cases allows people to collect, verify information, and at the same time protect their group from something unpleasant.

Although, for most people, gossip is a part of life, it is difficult for them to tell the truth, instead it is easier to gossip.

In addition, he is a program expert ,Morning at Home” offered advice on how to deal with the person who was at the center of the gossip:

  • Taking an interest in the life of the environment: friends, colleagues. If you are interested in their opinion, feel involved in a common cause, avoid gossip.
  • Don’t spread gossip, don’t spread gossip. When someone tells you something about a third person, ask why this person is doing it. After such a question, the gossiper starts feeling embarrassed.
  • Don’t make excuses – and gossipers will quickly engage in other gossip. After all, gossip, like news, lives for three days, no more.

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